New sub box!!! Well new to me. This box has been around for awhile now but this is the first one that I’ve gotten. The BEAUTYCON box comes out quarterly and it’s $29 a box or $99 a year. We also have a non-affiliate discount code: OURBEAUTYFALL (expires November 30) which will save you $5! Every quarter, the BEAUTYCON box is curated by a different beauty influencer who handpicks over $100 of their favorite beauty and lifestyle products to include in the box. 

This season’s box was curated by MAKEUP BY SHAYLA and ANGEL MERINO

Here’s what they included…

OFRA COSMETICS ‘MOCHA’ LIQUID LIPSTICK *FULL SIZED* ($20)- OFRA has one of my favorite formulas when it comes to liquid lippies and this is a color that I didn’t have. It’s a pretty rose color with brown undertones. We have an affiliate code with OFRA, BEAUTYCULT which will save you 30%.

 JOUER ESSENTIAL LIP ENHANCER ($10)- I’ve used this lip balm before and I really like it. It’s moisturizing and soothing without being sticky or greasy. I’ll use this constantly over the winter.

SIMPLE CLEANSING FACIAL WIPES ($6)- I can never have enough makeup wipes and these are pretty good. I always appreciate useful items in a beauty box 

LUXIE BEAUTY LARGE ANGLED 504 BRUSH ($16)- I’ve gotten a few different LUXIE brushes in subscription boxes and although I like the brand, I don’t care for this style of brush. To the giveaway box it goes!


LASER KITTEN SWEETHEART LIPSTICK PIN ($12)-this is a cute but I don’t have any use for a pin. Looks like another giveaway item!

FLUTTER LASHES in ‘iSlay’ and a mini duo lash adhesive ($11, $6)- These are my  first ever FLUTTER LASHES! I wore them yesterday and really liked how they looked. Hopefully I’ll get a few more uses out of them. I haven’t used duo lash glue in years until yesterday. It’s pretty good but I prefer a brush applicator for convenience.

MILANI COSMETICS BELLATRIX EYES GEL POWDER EYESHADOW in BELLA CAPPUCCINO ($5)- believe it or not, I don’t have any MILANI makeup! It’s a drugstore brand that I’ve been meaning to try for awhile now and I really like the eyeshadow! It applies like a satin but looks mostly matte. I’m definitely going to get more from this brand soon!

SUGARFINA SUGAR LIPS ($2.50)- candy. Meh. Not my favorite thing to get in a beauty box but whatevs. It’s only one item out of 10+.

MYSTIC TAN MOCHA KYSSED BRONZER LOTION ($7 )- this is a combination self tanner and bronzer and I LOVE it. The bronzing effect is so pretty but not too unnatural looking. I’ll definitely be looking for the full sized version once this one runs out.

THE BROW GAL DOUBLE ENDED HIGHLIGHTER PENCIL ($20 )- and I saved the best for last… it’s a double sided highlighter pencil from THE BROW GAL. I’ve gotten a few of their products in subscription boxes and I’ve loved all of them. I live for a strong brow bone highlight and this pencil is creamy and easy to apply with precision. It’s not light enough for me to highlight with but it’s a great base for a lighter powder.

And they also included a page of stickers

BEAUTYCON is $29 a quarter ($24 with the code OURBEAUTYFALL) and value of the FALL BOX is over $115. Not too shabby! My favorite item is brow highlighter and I’ll use the lippie, eyeshadow, lashes and glue, makeup wipes, tanner and lip balm. The only things that I won’t use are the brush, pin and candy. But I’m planning on doing a giveaway soon and the brush and pin will be nice additions. I can’t wait to see the winter box!

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