Beautylish haul: Indie Lee Coq-10 toner and mask 

HAVE YOU TRIED!? During the next couple of days I’m going to share with you a few skincare hauls I made during the @beautylish gift card event and also from Sephora. Some were awesome keeps and some were unfortunately returns. And this coming from someone who doesn’t return things. But first the good: @indie_lee CoQ-10 toner! If you have sensitive skin like me but you want the perks of a toner (to help your moisturizer absorb more, to take soapy or remover residue off, to just help balance your skin, to help texture, insert reason) then this is your go to. I’ve been purchasing this baby since Alicia from Beautylish send me a sample long ago and I was amazed at how It didn’t burn and help with mild exfoliation specially in winter months.. I jumped and bought the mask by recommendation of @indie_lee herself (I dm her to ask her things and she responded whilst in a meeting. If this is not attention to the costumer idk what is. So I can’t wait to try my new mask (I’ll review lit for y’all too relaAaxxxx) after my skin recuperates from a certain burn… I’ll talk about it in another post. In the meantime if you wanna buy these or check out what else INDIE lee has UP her sleeve, check it out HERE

Ps disclaimer: I bought these myself but we are affiliated with Beautylish. We get a small percentage of you purchase through the link in bio but it’s not going to stop me from loving you to death if y’all don’t.  But it’s cool if you do. 

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