You guys… I’m dying of cuteness over here!! A few weeks ago CLIONADH COSMETICS asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a few of their highlighters. I checked out their page and their stuff looked really nice so I said, sure. Fast forward to now, their package arrives and I tear in to it and… O.M.F.G! I’m seriously losing my shit over here. So a little background, this is a Canadian company operated by two sisters and I’m so impressed with how much love and effort has gone into their line. They thought of every little detail. Wait until you guys see the packaging. Not only do they have beautiful professionally made sleeves but they also included a bunch of little homemade touches that make their presentation so unique and special. And the highlighters! Be still my heart! Do you see that moon?! And the little coffee cup and coffee beans! I die! 

Alright so let’s start with the presentation.

So I first I pull out all these adorable little bags.

You’ll notice the cute little decorative touches that they included…

And inside of each bag they had 2 highlighters each, individually wrapped in colored tissue paper.

The tissue papers were sealed with a stickers with their logo, which was inspired by Celtic knots. And as if that weren’t enough…

Look at all the different sleeves!!!! 

Here’s the front and back of one. Usually I’m not one to put much value into packaging. As long as it’s functional, that’s all the matters. But how could any one not be wowed by that presentation?!

And the pans are even more beautiful than the packaging! 6 out of these 7 are limited edition. I’m going to start with those and then move on to the permanent line.

 First a little background info… all of their products are VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE. They’re located in Canada and they offer flat rate shipping to the US (regular shipping is approximately $8 and tracked and insured is around $13). With the flat rate shipping it’s going to be the same price whether you get 1 highlighter or 20, so I’d recommend ordering with a friend or just saving up until you’re able to place a big order. I promise you guys won’t be disappointed. Everything I’ve tried so far is exceptional. Also they’ve given me a non-affiliate discount code to share with you guys ANGELA10 which will save you 10%. This applies to everything except for their charity shades (they usually have 1 special highlighter available and they donate 50% of the proceeds to a charity of their choice) and their bundles which are already deeply discounted. Phew! Okay let’s talk about ‘BLUSHED’… This is their charity shade for October (no discount) and they’ll be donating 50% of the proceeds to the CANADIAN BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. You can choose unscented or a scented option which smells like vanilla sugar (AMAZING!). It has a marbled pattern with 3 main colors (pink, dark gold, white with yellow gold reflects) which I did my best to swatch separately. All mixed together (1st swatch), it’s a pale pink with a strong gold shift. It’s an absolutely gorgeous color and a perfect mix of cool (pink) and warm (gold) tones. I highly recommend getting BLUSHED, if it’s still available when you place your order.

 ‘HARVEST MOON’ BUNDLE (C $68 approx $50 USD)

This is a set of LE fall highlighters but they’re sold individually as well (my non-affiliate discount code: ANGELA10 applies to the individual highlighters but not the bundle). 

The bundle includes four of the five highlighters that are pictured. If you look at the above photo, the bottom two are CORNUCOPIA ‘LIGHT’ and ‘DARK’. You’ll choose one or the other for your set. 

They’re both a mixture of pink, green and gold.

When applied, CORNUCOPIA LIGHT is a pearly shade (1st swatch). I did my best to swatch the main colors separately.

LIGHT is above. DEEP which is a darker golden beige is below.

CONFECTION is candy corn inspired. It’s equal parts white, yellow gold and tangerine which combine to make a beautiful orangey peach with gold shimmer (1st swatch). 

ECLIPSE has a complex sun and moon stamp. 

It’s mostly a shimmery white with a swirl of purplish gray around the perimeter. You can use each shade individually or mix in as much or little of the dark color as you like to create a customized silver

ALL SPICE is either sold out or nearly so, which truly breaks my heart because it might be favorite out of the whole collection.

  This is such a unique highlighter and I’m 100% in love with it. Mine smells like spiced chai, and I can’t stop trying to inhale it. All the highlighters in the harvest moon collection are available in scented or unscented. First of all the stamp is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It has a little steaming coffee cup in the middle with coffee beans all around it. I die.

 It has two colors swirled together, the largest portion is a pink opal color (first swatch) and it also has a large swirl of a golden caramel color (last swatch). These are two colors that I’d never think to mix but the result is so beautiful and unexpected. 

The cool pink opal and warm caramel combine to make a neutral, shimmery pink with a hint of tan. It looks so beautiful on the cheekbones that I find myself trying to look at my reflection in silverware and other shiny household objects when I’m wearing it.

Macros of the pans

My two ‘must haves’ from this bundle are ALLSPICE and CONFECTION.

These next three are part of their permanent line up. They retail for C$18, with the discount code they work out to be around $12 USD a piece. And these are big 44mm pans so that’s a really great price considering the unique nature of the product. If you’re planning on ordering, you need to do it before the HARVEST MOON collection is sold old. I believe (but I’m not certain) that only the LE highlighters have a scented option that you can choose. I’ve got all my CLIONADHS in the same palette and my mouth waters every time that I open it. They smell soooooo good! Oh and I’m not sure if I mentioned that the highlighters from their permanent ‘Divinity’ collection are inspired by Irish mythology and named accordingly.
Okay so let’s talk about these three, all of which are from their DIVINITY collection that I just mentioned. ANU (Irish Goddess of fertility) is a marbled combination of three of their other highlighters, the main colors being blue, lavender and gold.

 When applied it’s a multidimensional pearl with gold shimmer and a hint of a pink tone. CLIONADH ‘LIGHT’ and ‘MEDIUM’ are part of trio (also sold individually). There’s a ‘DARK’ shade which I don’t have. LIGHT is a pale pink with champagne shimmer.

 MEDIUM is a few shades darker with a strong gold shimmer.

Hey guys… guess what??? We’ve reached the last four, all of which are from their permanent line. They’re C$16 each  but when you factor in the discount code, they’re less than $11USD each. Very reasonable.

Okay so the colors! CREDNE (Irish God of metalworking) is the most beautiful copper ever. It’s so metallic that it looks almost wet. As you can probably tell, it’s too dark for me to highlight with but you already know that it’s going all over my eyeballs. I’m wondering if it’s similar to any of the new MUG shades. I’ll get back to ya on that. SLAINE (Irish God of healing) is medium pink with gold shimmer. EADON (Irish Goddess of poetry) is a creamy beige. I’m digging this one as an ‘every day’ highlighter. It looks really glowy but natural on my NC30-35 complexion. CERMAIT (Irish God of literature) has a white base with yellow gold reflects.

Also I don’t think I mentioned yet, they also make custom highlighters. There’s a guide on their website to help you to create your dream highlighter. Another really cool thing they do is something called ‘one-offs’. When they have left over pigments instead of wasting them, they mix them together to create these one of kind highlighters. Last time I checked, there were a bunch of them on their website. 

I’ve been so caught up in describing colors and patterns that I’ve barely mentioned the formula which is excellent. They’re soft without being powdery and highly pigmented and shimmery with a minimum of glitter. I’m incredibly impressed with every aspect of their products. They’re some of the most beautiful highlighters in my collection and I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with when the HARVEST MOON collection is sold out.

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