Touch of Glam Duochrome – em’s swatches and vid 

You know Angela did already the official review Here so you can check that out too. 

Touch of Glam has a lot of new things on the pipeline, most recently a full line of duochrome shadows and a ton of very blingy highliters. I’ve had so much problems with the lighting that I had not swatched them because every time I did swatches I felt I wasn’t doing them justice. 

Now/ I caved and bought a ringlight and I cannot wait to start taking pictures with that so I don’t depend on my winter sun or on actual daylight to bring y’all the scoop.  Now imma be able to work in the middle of the night! Anytime! Anywhere! I feel like little by little this is becoming a legit operation and I owe you some profesional looking stuff. 

Swatches! ​

As always, with duochromes you should use a base, a primer or glitter glue and you can later these over a black or white eyeliner (or any shade really) to change the shade that dominates the shift (duo chrome means two coloring no? Where are my encyclopedic commenters I need to know if I’m not making an ass out of myself).  

Code ourbeautycult15 saves you 15% and (not an affil).  

Full disclosure/ these were sent to me for review but I don’t feature things unless I genuinely like them, as per usual indie cosmetics have my heart with the great quality of their stuff so it’s my pleasure to post about it and let you guys know. 


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