Hello Kitty x ColourPop : HelloColourPop Full swatches!!!

Hello Kittehhhhhhhhh!!!! If you are a child of the 90’s like me, you had a few Hello Kitty items, you at least had the pens and stationary, or perhaps an entire collection of beanie babies of the entire Sanrio cast.. no? just me? Stop and don’t lie to yourself! You were squealing like a pig in crapola the moment you heard ColourPop had this coming out.

There is a previous post with information and previous initial swatches but this is sorta like the official thang.

If you are following my IG, I posted a million pictures and comparisons but as always, I’m condensing these here for your reference..


First of the face set:

“Hello Pretty” comes in a cute blue box that has a mirror and several products on it:

Yummy Cookies: Pearlized finish light peach with a flip of silver

Fun With Friends: Pearlized finish vivacious mid-tone warm pink

Juicy Apple: Glitter sheer finish soft gold topped with gold glitter

Sticker Sheet: Satin finish cool-toned taupe

Bento Box: Pearlized finish true gunmetal

KT: Sheer finish light gold sprinkled with pink and gold glitter

This one I swatched before 

Ribbon: Matte finish rich blue red

I haven’t swatched this one on the lips but you can see it here along with all the lippy goodies 

I compare it to creeper (bottom) and RIBBON (top) is a darker shade and I do like the formula better. 


The Quad:

Mama’s Apple Pie

Rainbow: Glitter sheer finish white with highlights of silver and pink glitter

Friendship File: Metallic finish warm peachy beige dusted with silver and pink glitter

Small Gift: Pearlized finish mid-tone peachy pink

School Bus: Pearlized finish deep navy blue


The Individual stuff:

Tiny Chum


It’s basically a lighter less plummy DOPEY; the comparison below: TOP IS TINY CHUM, bottom is DOPEY. 

Lock Diary: this is a warm pink in a satin finish, I feel it’s very playful and bright and the formula doesn’t settle in my lines, it actually looks pretty smooth here right!? 



This is a metallic liquid lipstick. It’s very similar to the Lippy Stix in LETS PLAY (also part of this collection) but this one gives the LIPS Almost a foiled finish. 


Super Cute

This is a pink lander shift sheer gloss, and as a topper would make any pink toned lipstick look instantly bedazzled   

Trinkets.  This is a sheer fucsia and it’s the one with the most pigmentation but less shimmer. 



This is a bright pink, shimmer punched sheer gloss 

Date Mate

This is a bright cool toned hot pink.  In a MATTE X formula which means a single swipe of the lippy gets you full coverage 

I also compared it to POPPIN (bottom) (Date Mate is on TOP). 


This one is a CREME finish, and I feel it’s the weakest of the bunch 

Lets Play

This is a lippy stix in the new Satin luxe Finish which is basically a lippy that’s shimmery. It’s almost the same as SURPRISE but with a less subdued shimmer. 

School is Fun and Coin purse: 

The highlighter is a duochrome gold shifting METALLIC, it’s shimmer not glitter which is why it’s my favorite. Coin purse is a MATTE cool toned pink, similar to PIE. 


That’s about it… oh wait I did do an “only glosses” pic top to bottom: Kt, Super cute, arigato and TRINKETS: 
That’s it Cult! I feel you need SURPRISE for the holidays, DATE MATE for a Friday night, SCHOOL IS FUN because it’s amazing, the face set cause there is no dud. .. TINY CHUM because it’s a nudier DOPEY and SUPERCUTE to top everything! 


  1. i came here looking for a review on date mate and also found it compared with poppin which I already own..really appreciate how well you compare the colors, and give the bonus edge to your reviews


  2. Looks so good! Can you say anything about how Konnichiwa compares to Lumiere/Tootsie/Contempo (or Tiny Chum!)? It seems to be kind of similar to those, but I can’t find any side-by-side swatches to compare for myself :/ Reallyloving the other comparison swatches!


  3. Great review babes!!! I need Surprise and School is fun. Maybe super cute. But everything else is kinda redundant to me. I’m off the see if they’re still in stock. The rouge sale at Sephora basically killed my wallet this month already. Le sigh.


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