Wayne Goss Anniversary Collection and “The Collection” thoughts and review 

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Its no secret that I love me some brushes, I recently received the Wayne Goss anniversary collection from Beautylish and its taken a toll on the other brushes I got, I even took them on my trip proving that this set is all I need to survive when the zombie hits next year (did you see how 2016 is going? We got clowns, we got what seems to be the worst election candidates ever (please don’t start me on this), so anything goes and in my head next year well be Rick Griming this betch and I plan to go down glammed up. I am also prepping by stocking on twinkies because all the survival skills I have, I have learned from the infinite wisdom of one Zombieland movie. Anyway: the difference with the Anniversary collection (and the regular is the main brush (01) which is a bigger version in the Anniversary set, also that set is $225 and sold out! But the regular collection set is $210 and still a good deal since you get 8 brushes for this price (making it around $26 per brush)and with the recent gift card event, you get $20 back for every $100 you spend so this set comes out at $170 and you can still split it in three payments. These are handmade Japanese cruelty free brushes and imma tell you how I used them: 01 I use for foundation and to stipple Colourpop blushes onto my cheeks easily. 02 is a jack of all trades, I find this to be a perfect highlighting brush and I actually have a few of them I’ve gotten separate, also for contour if you wish to have high cheekbones in the apocalypse. 03 and 04 are your blending brushes, they are super soft and my eyes are super sensitive, because even as I get carded everywhere, I am indeed a 30something mom that doesn’t sleep so I need soft stuff to blend my shadows so I don’t further wrinkle myself into prunedom. 05 is a favorite of mine, as much as I love a cateye with a sharp eyeliner, as of recent I don’t have time, because dragonia has turned into a 6 month old terrorist that needs to be in my arms and pulling my hair or else, so I get exactly half hour of diversion to get ready and a sharp cateye is reserved for when shes actually napping and I have time to get ready, in the meantime: I use the super shock shadows as a smokey cateye liner yes! They stay in place and don’t fall out into my eyes, so its perfect so pick up product and angle it perfectly and thin enough so its more of a cateye than a cattail. 06 applies shadows but its no good for CP shadows, please continue to use your finger to apply and then blend with a brush its just how it is; that said Im not a purist and I do use other brands that I love as well, most recently my Anastasia x Mario palette which I plan to marry once a woman-palette union is valid. 07: apply that inner corner, brow highlight, cupid bow etc.. its just the right size and it picks up enough product to make it worth. 08: tighline.. it works with gel liners but like I said: im addicted to using shadows for this and I can use this to add little pops of color to my eyes (a hint of gold on my cateye, a hint of red, to subtly cut crease… so if this your thing, and I promised I would review these once I used them for a good time, link Here


  1. This might be the most amusing review I’ve ever read!! Thanks Em!!! Hahaha! Giiirrrll am I ever with you on the election candidates and the apocalyptic scenarios for our future!! I just hope Rick Grimes comes and saves me!!!


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