Well hello there!! Look what my girl F.A.I.R Beauty Cosmetics sent over recently! These guys are so pretty I had to post them from two angles. The shadows are $5 each and the highlighter is $10. There’s also a bundle option where you get the highlighter and all 6 shadows for $35 (yes I know there’s only 5 here, my 6th suffered an unspeakable tragedy and I don’t want to talk about it. Check out her website to see who’s missing). Also I’ve got a non-affiliate discount code: TANNER20 that will save you an additional 20%!

As I mentioned above these are available to purchase as bundle for $35 (includes 6 shadows, 1 of which isn’t pictured and the highlighter) or individually. The shadows are $5 each and the highlighter is $10. This is a LE collection but I’m trying to convince her to add a few of them to her permanent line up!

It was cloudy out when I did the swatches so believe me when I say that they aren’t doing this collection justice. She did a fantastic job and I’m really impressed! 

NIGHTMARE MOON is dark bluish purple with green glitter. You can see the glitter in the lower pic 

DARK FOREST is a metallic blackened green.

PUMPKIN SPICE has two colors in one pan. A warm light gold and an orangey copper. If you use a small brush you could apply each color separately or you could mix them together to create a honey gold. This is one of my favorites. It’s so soft and pigmented and I love the metallic finish. 

HALLOWEEN DELIGHT has a white base with peachy orange and red reflects.

WITCHES BREW is bright orchid with blue reflects. I’m 95% sure that it’s a nearly exact dupe for MAC PINK PEARL pigment. This one is another favorite of mine.

13TH FLOOR might be the most metallic cranberry that I’ve ever seen. I know I say this all the time but the arm swatches aren’t capturing it’s full beauty. I mean look at that finger swatch, again! You could practically see your reflection in that swatch. I think it goes without saying that 13TH FLOOR is also a favorite.

I highly recommend that you guys pick up PUMPKIN SPICE, WITCHES BREW and 13TH FLOOR. The whole collection is beautiful and I don’t think you’d regret buying the bundle but those 3 in particular stood out to me.

 I had really wanted to redo these swatches on a sunny day because I swear these shadows are even more beautiful in the sunlight. But I’m behind on my reviews and these are LE so I figured I better not wait any longer to post. However she is considering making a few of them permanent so head over to her instagram page (username @fairbeautycosmetics) and let her know which ones are your favorite!

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