ColourPop Cosmetics trip Debriefing: deets, new things and a huge bag of highlighter 

Well it’s no secret that I, Mrs ColourpopCult Headmistress went to the mothership of ColourPop last week for the launch of Hello Kitty x ColourPop and basically what was the trip of a lifetime.
I cannot thank enough the team at Cp for the attention, the accommodations, everything was so special and so thought out – from Homie and Boss Lady actually bringing me there, meeting up and giving me this experience, from our darling Anyssa organizing the travels for us, to Jordyn, Sharon and Erin sitting with me and listening to all you guys requests, to even the team that works at ColourPop filling our orders that put up with my questions and you guys! Yes you Cult, for following, for checking the snaps, for supporting what is now the biggest Fan page and greatest community!
Anyway and because you are here to read about the very special meeting where I brought everyones requests (most of them, within reason) and the answers right?

ColourPop Cosmetics Meeting debriefing!                          
First off, we arrived at the hub somewhere around 1pm after our awesome driver Eddie dropped us off (Eddie, who had just driven Carmen Electra somewhere before us…. I mean this is LA.. this is normal, I am after all a New York expatriate that will ignore the face of Brad Pitt if I so much see him walking around Bleeker st…) ANYWAY! I meet Sharon and Jordynn – who look carelessly chic even after a night of partying the night before (we were at the Hello Kitty launch party.. ), its these California girls with their tousled locks.. then we meet Erin, John and Laura outside (John and Laura are Homie and Boss Lady respectively, Co Owners of ColourPop and Laura, with whom I’ve been corresponding since the early days, one sale a day routine, is wearing a casual legging and tank top ensemble giving us all the vibe that “its ok, we’re running one of the most successful, most talked about makeup companies in the US right now… but I’m still a normal person and I’m happy to see you”…. I’m of course GIDDY.

I’m asked not to post about a certain table of holiday releases… and I will keep my word – but let’s just say a lot we are asking for is coming. Meeepppp! That’s it. No more on that. please don’t ask me…..
We grab lunch, and while my plate of salad and chicken deliciously cools in front of me I get my notebook out and start rambling while Erin listens, acknowledges, nods and winks; Jordynn types and jumps in while Sharon Is giving me feedback to my feedback and I feel for a small moment, that im part of the team (in a background white noise kinda way.. but there ya know???) that we all are..
To the questions:
Black metallic lippies: Keep your eyes peeled!

Birthday Girl/Birthday Boy comeback: one of the two will make a comeback soon…

Em’s note: ummm Erin’s bday is coming up this week.. sooooo I suggest the cult gets their stalking pants on.

Hello Kitty items as individuals: for now, its only in the kits, no plans on separating.

Bring back “Rebel”: unfortunately no, it was part of a Collab and there are contractual agreements that prevent it.

While on the topping of collabs; how do they get discontinued? : by mutual agreement, but they are not exclusive meaning a collaborator can take that shade and release it with another brand if they want to. Also some Collaborators have to terminate their agreement because they have other agreements with other companies with more strict rules that require them not to have any open collaborations.

Boxed sets with discontinued items: hmmmm good idea, noted.

How long until Hello Kitty is discontinued: timeline is not set.

More liner colors: possibly! Noted.

Is Kindness coming back: no, read above about collabs

Olive and rose gold shadows: noted! good idea

A way of distinguishing lippy formulas once the name is rubbing off: theyre working on this

More purple shadows – Daddy comeback!: noted! good idea – also there was 2 people who didn’t like the name “Daddy” lol

A WOC (women of color) collab: they are always looking for these, so do suggest who do you want it to be with

More WOC on the PR list so items are swatched ahead of time accordingly: interesting enough their PR list is over 400 people long, with an even amount of skintones spread across the board. However, they don’t make any of their PR sign anything that states they have to post, which results on a lot of PR people actually not posting the items.

Have a list on the website with similar shades with different formulas: right now they have a similar feature where it indicates similar products but they are working on a website overhaul

Wishlists: this is coming with said website overhaul. They also took the suggestion about making a “rewards” system and a way of tracking the purchases.

Foundation stix: interesting enough they are thinking on face items but not in the near future, they want to eventually get to face products but not in the immediate plans.

$10 bundles are coming back? : noted

Disney Collab? “we wish!”

We discussed and they took into consideration the specific requests for shades such as: Olive Matte X, warm mustard, emerald green, blue toned teal, matte red shadows, black and white liquid lipsticks as permanent, chartreuse gel color, Cobalt blue shadows.

Flitter” shade for the eyes: KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!

Any chance for a colourpop store: no.

Any chance they would sell items whenever they are at any of the makeup events: imats etc: they consider maybe taking a small stock of currently released items.

Any more collabs like “Puppy Love”: keep your eyes peeled!

We discussed the possibilities of: more ultra sheer glitters, more mini sets (some coming soon!) bright matte shadow shades .

Return of Chilly chili: maybe

Return of Stingraye: nope, collab rules.

More nude lippies for WOC: the latest one from the peach releases has two that are geared towards WOC, they constantly consult with the WOC on their team and test stuff on their tone.

Shadow palette: currently brainstorming on this

PR type of packaging for sale: these are very expensive to produce and you wouldn’t believe how much they cost, but something of the sort is on the works.. EDIT: please note this doesn’t mean Pr packages will be for sale but that they are considering special packaging type of things for the future. I.e.: special boxes / deco on the items themselves


Swatches on the website prior to go live: yup, they’ll work on that.

Brushes: its their dream to eventually do that too.

Discussed the possibilities of more lippies with: gold and purple, gold and red metallic, blue metallic (which took us to the Hello Kitty collab: SURPRISE)

Tie dye coming back? BAMF? : they are a very complicated item to do because it’s a manual process that is extended from the regular process but they’ll consider it.

Loose Pigments: possibly

Is CP going to gen beauty: Maybe

More yellow shadows: good idea

Bumble as a lippy stix: great idea!

A mirror compact!: “oh wow!!!! Ok noted!”

Edit: forgot to post this one: “how to get a box vs a mailer”: it does not depend on how many products but which products, face products would prob have a box after 5 in a single order to prevent damage during travel. 

By this point, my food was cold and I had a measly 20 min left to do the tour (which I saved the snaps from and am trying to piece together, anyone know of a good software to do so from my phone?? I have legit a video of me grabbing a huge bag of highliter…
Til then, and hoping I was a good embassador,
@ColourPopCult headmistress


  1. So excited for things to come!! It would be so cute if the eyeshadow version of “Flitter” was named “Flutter”. Also very excited about the wishlists because I have a note on my phone dedicated to products I want😩.


  2. Woow, thank you so much for all the info!! Was there a specific post that I missed to gather all the requests, or were they collected from the different posts in instagram? I’ve been wishing for a pink-mauve metallic liquid lipstick, hehehe.


  3. Awesome!!great job reporter!!! I wish I could have come with you to take photos with my camera and add to the post (I’m and old school blogger hihi)’s awful to hear that a lot of their pr packages don’t get swatched or shown where there’s influencers who would be on top of this (me me)..excited for the things to come!!!<3

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol! I took a ton of pics that I uploaded on IG and video. But I’m the interest of posting this quick I didn’t add them – I will eventually. I feel unneeded to get down to biz to the nitty gritty. Also i signed an NDA so I can’t post a lot of pics from the tour itself :p


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