You’ve probably already guessed what’s in the box… This week MAKEUP GEEK came out with 13 new highlighters, 6 of which are duochrome! My package arrived today and unfortunately it’s the weekend so I’m going to have barely any time to do swatches but I’ll try to squeeze a few in. My game plan is to first swatch them in the groups of 3 that they’re being sold in, since the bundles are the best deal. And then afterwards I’ll do all duochromes together and all the regular ones together. But first let’s look at the packaging!

The boxes have the same holographic finish as the new eyeshadow packaging.

If you look closely at the upper left mirror, you can see a dog ear. Just sayin…

Alright enough packaging already!


First bundle! These are sold individually for $20 or you can buy this set of 3 for $48. They’re talc and paraben free and also cruelty free and made in the US. They’re 7g each and come in square reflective compacts with large mirrors.

MOON PHASE has a white base with strong blue reflects and a subtle lavender and pink shift. It reminds me of their SUGAR RUSH duochrome pigment.

GLITZ is a pearly pink.

CELESTIAL has a white base with lavender reflects and a hint of a pink shift. It’s somewhat similar to their PHANTOM eyeshadow but cooler.

All the three colors in this bundle are very cool toned. I noticed that the three colors in the deep bundle are very warm. Hopefully when they expand the line they’ll include some warmer porcelain tones and cooler deep tones. The formula is the same as the KATHLEEN LIGHTS palette which I love. They’re dramatic highlighters but they’re buildable. So if you’re gentle you can have a daytime glow and then add an extra layer for the evening. The texture is very smooth and the finish is luminous but not glittery which should suit most people. 

This set is intended for porcelain skin but my complexion is light medium (NC35ish) and I think that I could use all three. 


Bundle #2 plus lonely ol’ ELECTRIFY, the only new highlighter that isn’t part of a set. Poor guy. 

MIDNIGHT SUN is a soft champagne gold.

LIT has a white base with peachy pink reflects. 

LUSTER is a light rosey tan.

EELECTRIFY (not part of the fair bundle) has a white base with strong yellow gold reflects. It’s similar to their VOLTAGE eyeshadow. 


 Bundle number three!! 

This is my favorite bundle so far. These three colors are absolutely gorgeous and I think they’d flatter lighter than medium skin too. 

REKINDLE is a rosey champagne.

PSYCHEDELIC has a white base with peachy and red reflects. It reminds me of their PRISM pigment and I’M PEACHLESS eyeshadow

DAYBREAK is a pearly peach. It’s basically their IN THE SPOTLIGHT eyeshadow but with their highlighter formula.


FIREWORK is a deep luminous copper.

ABLAZE is a bright orangey copper with golden reflects. It reminds me of their COSMOPOLITAN eyeshadow but darker and less pink.

IGNITE is a deep golden bronze.

These are too dark for me to highlight with but I think they’ll work for tan skin as well deeper skin tones. And I’ll definitely be using them as eyeshadows.

My only constructive criticism so far is that I wish they had a more cool toned deep option and a warmer porcelain. But I appreciate the effort that they made to cater to everyone and I think they did a good job of it. Again the formula is excellent, the Kathleen Lights palette  has been holy grail status for me and I’m so excited to have all these new colors to choose from!

These guys came to work with me all weekend so I’ve been able to use all of the signature shades. I still have to put a few of the duochromes to test but overall I find the formula to be consistent from shade to shade. All them are very smooth, highly pigmented and luminous. I absolutely love the formula. My top pics so far are MOON PHASE, CELESTIAL, PSYCHEDELIC, ABLAZE, DAYBREAK and REKINDLE. 

 Here’s all 7 of the new, signature Makeup Geek Cosmetics highlighters. 

My skin is around NC35. GLITZ is a little too light and FIREWORK and IGNITE are too dark for me but the other four all work for my skin tone.

And now the show stoppers, the 6 new duochromes!

 Even though these are suggested for different skin tones, the only one that wouldn’t work as a highlighter for me (NC35) is ABLAZE. Even though it’s too dark, I love the color and I’ll definitely be using it as an eyeshadow. 

 I’ve been using LIT and PSYCHEDELIC at the same time and they look bomb together. Same with MOON PHASE and CELESTIAL.

If you guys haven’t tried the MUG highlighters yet, you need to get one! The packaging is so pretty and compact (with a really nice mirror) and the formula is amazeballs. Possibly my favorite highlighter formula. I hope you guys love them as much as I do!


  1. totally late to the party here, but any comparisons between the new highlighters and the kathleenlights shades? I have the palette and I’m not sure I need any more..but there’s a sale today and I’m a huge fan of the brand..


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