Beauty Escape Cosmetics has a new eyeshadow collection for us! The SINISTER COLLECTION is set to be released on Monday October 31st. The shadows will be available to purchase as bundle for $30 or individually for $6.50. We also have a non-affiliate discount code: BEAUTYCULT which will save you an additional 15%. If you’re familiar with my page then you already know how much I love BEC products. IMO she’s the best of the best when it comes to indies! These are professionally made and excellent quality. Also (and most importantly if you’re a klutz like me) they’re sturdy. I’ve already dropped a few of these guys down a flight of stairs. I scared at least 2 years off of my life but there were no casualties. That’s pretty damn remarkable.

Alright let’s talk color!

MALEFICENT is such a unique and interesting color. It’s a duochrome with a dark gray base that shifts plum. Sometimes it even looks a little blue. The fingertip swatches above really capture the shift.

STEPMOTHER is a basically pure platinum in eyeshadow form 

WICKED is a dark, shimmery emerald green. BEC does greens sooooo well!

NIBBLE NIBBLE GNAW is a rose gold with peachy undertones. It’s very shimmery and stunning all over the lid.

EVIL QUEEN is a blackened blue violet with a periwinkle shift 

And last up we’ve got MOTHER GOTHEL, a metallic true gold. 

As always, BEC did a fantastic job with this collection and I hope that you guys love it as much as I do!

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