TouchOfGlam Beauty Kaleidoscope Tie Dye Collection and Rainbow highlighters 

TouchOfGlam can’t stop coming out with new and interesting products. Today we’re looking at her Kaleidoscope   highlighter collection as well as her rainbow highlighters. There are six highlighters in the Kaleidoscope collection that are sold as a whole for $92 in compacts or for $72 for just the pans. They’re also sold individually in various sizes. The code OURBEAUTYCULT15 (non-affiliate) will save you 15% off of your order. These highlighters have 2 colors marbled together and when you see the pans, you might imagine that they’d look a little crazy. But when you swirl them together? Magic!

SHIBORI has a blue and green swirl that combine to a light teal.

BULLSEYE has a lavender and blue swirl that create a bluish, pinky lavender.

SPIRAL is a mixture of lavender and green that create a silvery blue. 

SUNBURST has a mixture of pink and peachy gold. When applied SUNBURST is a light opalescent pink. 

OMBRE is mostly gold with a small amount of pink. When applied it looks like a white gold. 

CRUMPLE has an even mix of pink and gold and ends up being a pale iridescent pink.

These highlighters have a light airy texture and they’re VERY pigmented. Seriously use a very light hand. This collection is very reminiscent of the ABH MOON CHILD palette. I’m not sure if there’s any exact dupes but the color scheme is very similar. There’s also a fair amount of microglitter glitter in the collection, also similar to the MOON CHILD palette. Normally I don’t care for a glittery highlighter but with these… I don’t know… it just works. I think she did a really good job with pairing colors. Even though they look a little intimidating in the pans, when they mix together they create really beautiful colors. My favorites in the collection are OMBRE, CRUMPLE and SUNBURST only because I prefer neutral to warm highlighters.


She sent out the two larger two rainbow highlighters earlier this summer, click on the ‘TOUCH OF GLAM’ tag at the bottom of this page to read my review. She included her third rainbow highlighter ‘WHIMSICAL WONDER’ with this last package that she sent out. As with the others, these come in a variety of sizes and you can get them with or without a compact. 

As you can see here, it’s the lightest and most iridescent of the bunch. And dare I say… it’s almost… ALMOST… wearable. If I were to ever go clubbing (but let’s be honest here, I’ve got a better chance of being Brad Pitt’s rebound than I do of going to a club), I’d totally rock WHIMSICAL WONDER. But for those of you who are more young and carefree, I think you could get away with wearing this highlighter on a night out. 
And that about does it for this edition of TOG Beauty! She also sent a few Halloween highlighters and some others from her regular line that I’ll be reviewing either this week or next.

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