POPSUGAR is a $39 a month subscription box for women that includes a variety of beauty and lifestyle products. There’s two different promos going on now. When you sign up use the code FALL15 to save $15 on a three month subscription or NOV5 to save $5 off of the November box. In general POPSUGAR is my favorite subscription box and this month was good but maybe a little boring. Here’s what I got…

LALICIOUS SHOWER OIL AND BUBBLE BATH  ($28)- this smells really yummy and I love shower oils, especially during the winter when I develop the skin of a lizard. 

They also included this coupon for 20% off.

POWER YOUR HAPPY by POPSUGAR FOUNDER LISA SUGAR ($25)- meh. I really wish they would start giving us digital books instead of big bulky physical copies. Save a tree and whatnot. Or even an audiobook would be cool. I doubt I’ll read this but I’ve got a box of books to donate to the library so hopefully others will enjoy it. 

HENRI BENDEL PACKABLE UMBRELLA  ($58)- this is the big ticket item of the month and of course I love it. I’m dying for it to rain so everyone can see my HENRI BENDEL umbrella and think that I’m fancy. I’m kidding (sort of) but it is a really cute umbrella.

They also included a 20% coupon.

MORNING CULTURE RISE & SHINE MUG ($16)- I like this guy too. I’ve been using it on the daily since getting this box.

MY CUP OF COCOA ($5)- I haven’t drank this yet but I’m sure I will sometime this winter!

MAKEUP ERASER MINI ($12)- I do like these makeup erasers and they actually work but I’ve got two issues. Of course I do. I always have to find something to bitch about. Soooooo did they have to shape the mini one exactly like a sanitary napkin??? Please tell me I’m not the only who sees this?! And number 2, it’s 100% polyester. So it’s basically a tiny scrap of a baby blanket for $12. But I will use and enjoy it so I’m going to stop talking crap now.

REVLON LIQUID EYELINER ($9)- I haven’t opened this yet because I’ve got about 10 liquid liners in current rotation but I can never have enough black liquid eyeliner and I’m sure I’ll use it soon!

POPSUGAR is $39 a month and this month’s value is over $150! Not too shabby. I like everything except for the book. I love the umbrella but I’ll probably only it a few times a year. And everything else is useful but not especially exciting. I’m really looking forward to the November and December boxes because in past years they’ve been really good. 

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