ColourPop Cosmetics “Persuede Me” set – swatches and thoughts 

Hey guys! I will keep this one short and to the point. It’s Sunday and I’m super lazy also waiting for the walking dead to start and those who watch it know this is NERVE WRECKING right now! (My vote’s on Glen… sorry Glen pal…). 

PERSUEDE ME is a set of 6 lippy stix in the MATTE X formula, it comes in a box with a mirror :

The swatches and a few words after using these for a least an hour each: 

UPSIDE DOWN: this is a very very light shade of peach and in my opi, it fairs very fair skintones or very chocolate ladies (so the lippy would actually look peachy against those skintones). On my lips is concealer lips all the way. Also it settle in lines and it’s a tad drier than what I’m used to with the MATTE X formula. 

HOTLINE is a darker shade of peach, same family and more wearable than the prior culprit, it’s a very nude lippy but it’s more wearable even as it can also be paired with other lippy pencils.  This also settles in my lines and emphasizes my lines. 

Also: note to the reader, I am indeed a human being and I have lines on my lips. I don’t have fillers (nothing against them or to people who do). I don’t photoshop (I know how to actually, but the purpose of my account and of this blog is an actual review of these look in real life without filters. It’s only fair.  I do receive these as Pr from ColourPop but I feel it’s my duty to always be truthful, so if I tell you I like something it’s because I do. When I tell you I don’t it’s because I don’t. If a picture looks sketchy it’s because the lipstick doesn’t fit ME well and I’m not about to hide it from y’all.  I am saying this because sometimes I get people aggravated that i took a bad picture. No: I can photoshop all that and I choose not to. No brand is safe! Lol. Damn I’m heated ok let’s move on. 

ZIGGY – this seems to be the most popular out of this set, it’s a smoky orange shade. The formula is the MATTE X we all have grown to know and love. I took so many pictures and loved every angle and then my dogs did too so I had to share that. 

Yup that happened. He couldn’t resist. That’s his whiskers not mine. 

DAYDREAM is another gorg shade, formula wise it’s creamy and behaves almost like a satin.  It’s the shade of fallen leaves halfway red halfway brown. 

GOLDIE is a warm red, it had some slip so please use a liner. (I purposedly don’t for testing purposes and to not change the shade, but in real life I do to prevent feathering and I have no problems). 

LE FREAK- I’ve been singing that song!! Ahhhhhh FREAK OUT! These plummy shades are always patchy and i was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t so patchy considering the pigmentation was on point and it does dry to a matte. 
My biggest dud was UPSIDE DOWN, my favorite: HARD to pick between the last 4 shades… I’d say Ziggy and DAYDREAM for $25 you can’t go wrong for a set that will basically be every shade you need for fall.  

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  1. Gurrrl your lips are perfect, don’t take no fuckin shade from any IG haters!!!! 😉 loved this review, now I know I just need Ziggy and Daydream!!! Thanks!!!!


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