Vanessa’s Vanity highlighters! 

There’s a new indie in town!! @vanessasvanity cosmetics and get this: they’re also a VEGAN line! So let’s start tussling your feathers with “Electricity”. First off: the press pattern on these is so cute that it’s hard to dig in the pan. 

Right now I’m on swatching stage so this is going to be a first thoughts post. I will later update with a review. 

This is ONE SWATCH with my finger over moisturizer skin. No GLITTER here: so they are a delicate shimmer once it’s buffed into the skin, also: by not having GLITTER, these are safe to use in the eye area.  Save 10% off with code “BEAUTYCULT” 

Moving on to SECRET GARDEN 

Cloud 9: icy blue! 

White Gold: is a champagney Gold highlighter, soft and delicate 

Toasted honey is a darker gold shade, the fact it doesn’t have actual glitter makes it perfect cause I will use this in the eye area like there’s no tomorrow. 

Rose Gold is a warm rosey shade that’s better as a blush topper or even on the lid. It’s very pigmented so thread lightly 

If these are your thing, or you have a VEGAN friend looking for shades like these, save money with code BEAUTYCULT – it is an affiliate, we get a small commission but this doesn’t affect my opinion and the fact that these were one swatch and delivered this rich of a swatch. Good luck finding something as pigmented as this in the VEGAN lines!!! 

Look below for the whole party of them!




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