ColourPop “Love a Flare” set – swatches – thoughts – picture heavy 

Hallow!!!! (Read it like hellooo but in a hocus locus witch voice) 

Love a Flare is a set currently on sale at ColourPop for $25. It’s a Fall edit set, meaning it’s LE and it’s shadows will prob not be available individually but who knows! In the case of melrose, it should.  Also for moonwalk. But you’ll see why 

By my side: this is a peach pink duochrome shade similar to “puppy love” but with more peach. I will eventually do comparisons on these babies.  Lighting sucks today because I live in PA where we actually have AUTUMNS. Not hot weather that transitions into cold weather, no. We have gorgeous days like these full of rain and clouds where one can snuggle by the fire and have some hot chocolate  OR enjoy a day without the kid being home (she’s w grandma) by catching up to swatching in the sun room with a rum and coke and listening to Juan Gabriel. 

I SPY: this shade was already launched in the last fall season edits 2015, it’s a gorg transition shade beige peach warm toned, the shade of pumpkin ice cream. 

Melrose is the bomb. Another repromote but a good one cause everyone bitched about this not being around, it’s a smoky terracotta  this above was one swipe. 

Now for the main event: Let’s get ready to rumbleeee: MOONWALK. This is a brown based dirty gold and green duochrome. I layered it over head rush and over melrose here cause it can also be sheer or layered for this intense shade above 

In real life I curse a lot. Like a lot. So I’m going to hold myself together and just say: DAMN. 

I promise more pictures at the end of this post. 

Head rush: this is the olive green that y’all were asking for. Here it is. Camo green MATTE goodness. Layer it with moonwalk for a good time. 

High rise is another green but this is more a blue based cooler toned dark forest green. It could smoke out your eye if you don’t want to do black. 

4 mattes and 2 pearlized: favorites?: melrose. I SPY, moonwalk and head rush. 

Cons: by my side is a gorg shade but i have a lot of these peachy shades also it was a bit patch mcpatch. 

Pictures for your viewing plesh – different angles. Fillers so this post looks longer, if you made it this far actually reading comment with the word avocado. No reason at all but we filter comments so Angela will basically get a bunch of notifications and not know wtf is going on. (She’s going a wedding today, she’ll text me like omg something’s going on at the blog) and I’ll just laugh and it’ll be our little secret. MUA Hahaha. 

Em @colourpopcult 


  1. Avocado!
    Lol I’m late to the party but I’m catching up on all your reviews and loving them!! Thank you for your hilarious and brutal honesty!!! Love it!!!


  2. Avocado! I really wished High Rise was a pale, industrial grey (harking back to the novel/movie). It’s a little hard to get excited over fall releases when it’s heating up where I am!


  3. Avocado

    I was annoyed that they included i spy since they just discontinued it. Also the email advert states ALL shades are NEW which is just plain NOT true since both I spy and Melrose were first released fall 2015. While I like/don’t mind repromotes at all, I prefer them to be ones that were not just discontinued via last call two months earlier (I spy) rather be ones that were only available in a set or for a shorter amount of time (Melrose). But inaccurate or flat out dishonest advertising just pisses me off tbh. And CP has NO excuse or reason to do either since they easily sell HUGE quantities of (LE) new (and exisiting permanent) products on a weekly basis with their weekly new release drops!


  4. On a more serious note..I need moonwalk in my life but I can skip the rest..I’m a makeup geek affecionado so I already have way too many shadows 😂


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