Baby Bat Beauty -Fall lipsticks PART 1

Indie cosmetics! I love and support indies because they provide a range of shades based on what the customer is asking usually – they stay active with their customer base and create new things outside of the norm and also because I’ve gotten lucky to support great indies such as Baby Bat; her formula is creamy and comfortable to wear while staying true to a MATTE finish. 

This is APPARITION- it’s a “Greige” it’s a MATTE shade. CPCULT20 gets you 20% off for putting up w me. (Not affil). 

Multiple swatches and angles galore: 
INNOCENCE – this is a toasty almond brown shade, fall propper but could also be used to lighten darker browns 

BONFIRE BABE – it’s a Rich shade of Amber it looks different in dif lighting 
Stay tuned for the second part of these!

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