As promised I started working on finding dupes for the LC SUPERFOILS. These are going to be color dupes only as the formula of SUPERFOILS is quite unique. This set worked out that I was able to find dupes (or near dupes) that were less expensive but some of them aren’t going to be. I’m looking for closing substitutes that I can find and the price is secondary. And I found two options for both of these but that’s not going to happen with all of them. Disclaimer over.
SQUAD is a bright berry color with blue microglitter.

 @devinahcosmetics GRIM ($5, SAVE 35% WITH THE NON-AFFILIATE CODE: BEAUTYCULT) is very similar in color but slightly more pink and not glittery. 

@citycolorcosmetics IT’S A GIRL ($6.99, SAVE 10% WITH THE AFFILIATE CODE: BEAUTYCULT) is nearly identical in color and formula is somewhat comparable. If you topped either color with some blue glitter, you’d have a pretty good dupe for SQUAD.
GOALS is rose gold that’s more rose than gold. It’s also has pink glitter. 

The two dupes I picked are @colourpopcosmetics WEENIE ($5) and @strobecosmetics ROYALE ($6.50, SAVE 20% WITH THE NON-AFFILIATE CODE: TANNER20).

 I picked them because they were the most pink rose golds that I could find. But if you added pink glitter to any metallic rose gold that you own, you’d have a decent substitute for GOALS. 

I posted dupes for COSMIC/FIREFLY back when I first got them over the summer. So that makes two down, eight to go! Wish me luck!

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