Saucebox Cosmetics Winter Wist set swatches! And discount code! 

Gaahhh Ang beat me to the swatch post. I feel her posts should be the official pretty swatches with detail information, and mine are the backyard version, relaxed, let’s have a Kiki – type of posts. (That way I get away with posting the same swatches twice so you get my thoughts.. ya feel me? Damn I wanna be heardddddd!
Anyway. Saucebox Cosmetics’ Winterwish set is rich in neutrals but has a hardcore matte RED shade that if you’re afraid of color, you can use as a blush too; the green- black is the only shade I didn’t get to try and test this weekend since I mostly went to a bonfire and did makeup for a formal for a teenager. So soft shades were due..

The bronze and gold shades here mesh well together but I feel if you already have a few palettes you will have these shades in one form or another, it’s valid to note that the quality and the amount you’re getting is legit a lot, specially with the sale running it at $33 and it comes out at $29 with CODE SAUCECULT10 (shop Now!)

The red tho. The red is a bright matte, with a lot of pigmentation, the swatch below was one swipe with my finger, thread lightly! But you can sheer this out and use it as a base to apply the bronze and gold shades for a beautiful multidimensional shade.  I’ve been layering bright MATTE shades with Metallics since I discovered a blending brush and I gotta say it always gets me that “what are you wearing” anytime a connoisseur sees me wearing them…

The swatches, cause that’s what you came for:

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