Looxi Beauty Fall 2016 swatches in different light! 

Guys! I swatched these in different lighting for your viewing pleasure, but the real review and analysis was done by wifey Angela a few posts back, go read it, check it out / reblog/ comment/ etc cause you know you’ll drool over it. 

My thoughts on these babies: the shimmers are gorgeous, there is some fallout as it’s common with Metallics but nothing priming doesn’t prevent, I love that LOOXI BEAUTY keeps working on improving their formula, packaging, even the website. But the mattes here are the ones that took the gold! Hell, they took all the medals AND the participation trophies for the other team.  

I grouped these based on how I would organize a palette… but they are sold separately! DONT FORGET to save 10% at Looxi Beauty with the affiliate code: BEAUTYCULT10. 

Los swatches 

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