In the past few months we haven’t heard much from LOOXI BEAUTY and this is why… homegirl’s been busy! She completely redesigned her website, got this amazing new packaging and developed a ton of new products! 
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These are all 25 of the new shadows! They’re hand pressed into 26mm magnetic pans and they’re priced at $5 each. I’d compare the formula of LOOXI  shadows, especially the mattes, to LORAC. They’re soft and highly pigmented, a little goes a very long way! There’s a fair amount of kick up with these shadows but I don’t find that it affects their performance. They’re intensely pigmented and they blend nicely without sheering out.

 15 new matte shades 

COCOA is a very dark brown. It swatched darker on me than it looked in the pan. 

CHICORY is dark burgundy brown.

FIGGY is plummy brown with mauve undertones 

WILLOW is a light grayish taupe 

CASHMERE is a pale dusty pink.

GRAHAM CRACKER is medium neutral brown.

TOASTED MARSHMALLOW is a rich taupey brown 

MAPLE is orangey red matte. It’s in between MAC RED BRICK and ABH RED OCHRE 

PUMPKIN SPICE LIFE is light yellow orange. It reminds me of MUG CHICKADEE 

HARVEST MOON is a light peachy orange 

DENIM is a deep navy blue.

MOSS looks quite olive in the pan but when I swatched it, it looked more like a forest green.

 CARAMEL is a medium warm brown with yellow undertones.

FOG is medium smoky blue gray.

GREEN APPLE is a matte yellowish green.

My favorite new mattes (so far) are CHICORY, FIGGY, MAPLE, PUMPKIN SPICE LIFE, HARVEST MOON and GRAHAM CRACKER. Not only are they beautiful but they sound delicious too!

10 new shimmer shadows

SUN KISS is happy yellow gold.

F.O.M.O is reddish copper 

RED HOT MOON is a bright orangey gold 

MONARCH is a medium bronze with olive undertones 

HOT TODDY is dark bronze.

SO DOPE is an ultra metallic taupe. 

BLONDIE is a gorgeous pinky mauve

SCARLET is a dark, very red bronze.

MIDNIGHT is a dark purplish blue. It looks a lot more purple in person than it does in these photographs.

BONFIRE is a warm medium bronze.

There’s 3 bronze shades in the new collection. HOT TODDY is darkest. MONARCH has khaki undertones. And BONFIRE is the warmest. 

My favorite shimmers are F.O.M.O.,  RED HOT MOON and BLONDIE.

LOOXI also introduced ‘LIL’ LOOXI’, a small interchangeable, mirrored compact that holds a 36mm highlighter pan. Perfect for travel or to keep in your purse. 

There’s three different options when buying LOOXI highlighters…  

  • $16.50 for a 59mm pan in a mirrored compact 
  • $7.50 for just a 36mm pan 
  • $12 for a 36mm pan and the new LIL’ LOOXI interchangeable mirrored compact 
  • You can also buy the LIL’ LOOXI compact separately for $6.

The magnet in the new interchangeable compacts is strong enough to easily hold the pan in place but there’s enough room between the edge of the well and the side of the pan that you can easily pop it out with a finger nail or a spatula.

Tease that I am, I had to save the best for last! Introducing… REBEL ROSE!!!

Just look at the stamps on this baby! Just an FYI, only the 59mm pans are stamped.

Tell me this isn’t the most beautiful color that you’ve seen in your entire life! 

It’s base is a pinky rose gold with a hint of pink glitter.

But it shifts to a light pinky copper…

And when the light hits it… bam! Pure gold!

If you only get one thing, make sure that it’s REBEL ROSE! It’s one of those magic colors that flatters everyone. I think it looks good on my medium skin and I’ve also seen a girl with a deeper skin tone and another girl with fair skin wearing it and it looked amazing on both of them. 

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