CITY COLOR COSMETICS SHIMMER SHADOWS are $6.99 and contain .129oz of product. We have a discount code: BEAUTYCULT which will save you $$$! This is an affiliate code. Meaning that if you choose to use it, we’ll earn a small commission from the sale. If this isn’t something that you’re comfortable with, we completely understand. But we’d appreciate your support!
Em has already swatched these shadows, in case you’d like to see her take on them! I’ve previously reviewed their BOHO CHIC PALETTE  (which I liked but didn’t love) and their TIMELESS BEAUTY PALETTE  (I liked a few of the colors but wasn’t crazy about the rest). I gave them both decent reviews but I wasn’t singing their praises while I turned circles on a grassy hillside. So I’m excited to say that I fully recommend these shimmer shadows! I have them in a wicker basket and I’m frolicking through the meadow with a flock of sheep while singing showtunes! Metaphorically that is. They have the type of formula that I consider ‘foiled’. Dense, creamy texture, long wearing, you can apply with a brush or your fingers etc. I enjoy the formula and I adore the color selection! In this post we’ll be looking 6 of the pinky toned shadows and later on I’ll be doing a second article about the golds and other metal tones.

BUBBLE BATH is a pale peachy champagne, similar to MUG IN THE SPOTLIGHT 

HOMECOMING QUEEN is light peachy pink.

LADYLIKE is a medium corally pink.

YOU JELLY? is a medium lavender pink. It reminds me a bit of ABH MACAROON 

IT’S A GIRL is in between burgundy and magenta. It’s a really unique color. I don’t think I own anything else like it.

MARSALA is a deep burgundy 

I honestly think that you need all 6 but if I had to narrow it down, I’d say MARSALA, IT’S A GIRL and U JELLY? are my must haves. But I really love LADYLIKE too. And HOMECOMING QUEEN and BUBBLE BATH. They’re all gorgeous and I’m a sucker for pinks and berry tones. 

Part two coming soon!

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