Earlier this week I received 3 highlighters and a blush from @babybatbeauty. They’re $9.99 each ($8 with the discount) and the come in a mirrored compact. Each pan is 3g and with the exception of GILDED ROSE, they’re vegan and eye safe.

They have a creamy texture and they’re extremely pigmented. In the upper photo the swatches were done with a flat synthetic brush to show the colors to their full advantage and in the lower, they’re blended out.
DRAGONFLY has a deeper base, I think it’s a pinky beige but I can’t tell for sure. It has a strong blue shift and a more subtle lavender shift as well as some hints of pink and green. It would be ideal for tan or deep skin tones but fair girls can rock it too with a light handed application 

FROSTED LILAC is a cool toned pale lavender with a pink shift and a blue undertone.

GILDED ROSE is a bright pink and gold duochrome. It looks really bold here and it is but I spent some time experimenting with it today and with careful application, it’s quite wearable. I used it on its own and as blush topper and as long as I tapped off my brush first, it gave me a really pretty flushed look. This isn’t normally a color that I’d go for in terms of a blush so I’m surprised by how much I love it. 

STARLIGHT is crystal white with tons of shimmer and OOOOO-WEEEEE! Is it intense?!

 My initial favorites are GILDED ROSE and STARLIGHT. I love DRAGONFLY and FROSTED LILAC too but I think I’m going to use them more as eyeshadows than highlighters. 

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