The LORAC MEGA PRO 3 is $59, same as the previous two and is available at ULTA. The palette has 32 shadows, 16 matte and 16 shimmer and a total weight of .45oz, making each pan about .014oz. Kinda small… Last year’s mega pro (which I didn’t get) had the same of product but the original (I did get that one) had .62oz. The price per ounce of the MEGA PRO 3 is in keeping with what they charge for the regular pro palettes. 

I must say that I’m really impressed with these shadows! LORAC palettes tend to be hit or miss for me. I ended up returning the PRO 3 so I didn’t have high hopes for this one. LORAC eyeshadows are generally very soft and powdery. They can be messy because of the kick up but pigmentation is excellent. A few of shades have a tendency to apply strong but really sheer out when you start to blend but those two things are my only negatives concerning the formula.  The mattes in this palette remind me a lot of the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS ‘MODERN RENAISSANCE’ palette which happens to be one of my all time favorites. I do have one pretty major complaint however, the white packaging… I’ve only had this palette for a week and it’s basically destroyed. Powdery eyeshadows with high pigmentation and a white palette aren’t a good combination.

The color selection is neutral with a few colors thrown in. There’s a nice mix of warm and cool tones. 

The top row of mattes is mostly mauvey type shades. There’s a pale pink highlight shade, some soft pinky browns, a dusty rose shade, a deeper mauvey brown, a burgundy, a navy and one slightly warmer brown. 

The second row has warmer browns ranging from light to dark, a light gray, a dark cool toned brown and a black.

The two lightest mattes went on strong but faded really fast on me. Also MIST, the light gray, was slightly patchy. Besides those three shades the rest of the mattes were great. My favorites are TAN, PECAN, DUSTY MAUVE, VIOLET GRAY, BURGUNDY, TOFFEE and MAPLE.

The first row of shimmers has three cool toned colors: a pearly white, a silvery blue and a metallic navy. The rest of the shades are warm and range from pale golds and peaches to darker bronze shades. The only color that I don’t like is DEEP FOG because the pigmentation was a little spotty. 

The bottom row is mostly warm and has a decent amount of color variation. There’s some rosey colors and coppery shades, two olivey browns, a bright coppery red and a shimmery black. ROSE QUARTZ doesn’t have the best pigmentation but everything else swatched well.

My favorite shimmer shades are CIDER, RUST, BELLINI, SEQUOIA and POMEGRANATE.
There’s not many unique shades in this palette but the mixture of warm and cool tones and light to smoky colors make it versatile. And even though these are colors that we’ve seen before, you really can’t argue with the LORAC quality especially in this palette. Good mattes in particular are hard to come by. I like mostly everything about this palette (besides the color) but I have a feeling that because it doesn’t have a lot of unique shades that I’m dying to use, I’ll probably end up neglecting it. I would recommend it to any one who’s new to makeup or looking to add some high quality neutrals. But the truly makeup obsessed like myself probably aren’t getting anything that they don’t already have from this palette. 

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  1. Hi thanks for the review and swatches! This guy sold out so fast though I was wondering if you could do a dupe post of the mattes?


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