Jefree Star Lip Ammunition lipstick in “Celebrity Skin” 

Aight folks/ my @beautylish order came in with my new @jeffreestarcosmetics lip ammunition lipsticks (I got Celebrity Skin, Ex Super Model and Starfish) I wanted to give you a rundown on the formula and my thoughts. First of: the shade is my fav ever from JS so I’m glad it was made into a satin lipstick version. This is sold out at the moment at @beautylish but you can still get it at Jeffree’s website by the way.. the texture of the lipstick felt a little gritty while applying which was weird but the lipstick itself applies is comfortable, moisturizing actually. It smells like ice cream and I personally don’t like sweet scented things because my souls is decayed enough that i actually prefer things that have Almost no scent.. the scent does go away eventually. The pigmentation is strong enough to warrant no need for a liner (I didn’t line here) but you can use a liner to darken or define this better (coloupop’s BFF liner is my drug of choice for this). I suspect this is close to Times Square and maybe chi? I’m going to get some other swatches done today and compare nudes. If you think of something to compare it to please post below.  

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