ColourPop highlighters – HALLOWEEN EDITION! Over the moon, Honeymoon and Perilune

Behold the new @colourpopcosmetics Halloween edition highlighters. My first impression upon swatching is how sheer they are, they aren’t very pigmented so they can be more wearable (these are 3 heavy layers) but they are glittery. They are basically a sheer layer of opalescent glitter for the fairy soul that inhabits in all of yous.. (I say YOUS cause again, mine prob turned into a Gollum at this point.. ūüėą) when you loot at it dead on they don’t look violet/blue/green but when you turn your face you can def see it gleaming. #colourpop #colourpophalloween #colourpopmoonlit #colourpopcult #colourpopcosmetics 


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