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 About a month ago, @beautyescapecosmetics released a line of liquid highlighters that come in five different colors. They’re housed in dropper style bottles, similar to the COVER FX packaging. You get .5oz of product (also the same as COVER FX) for $22.50. Please note the jars pictured are samples and are smaller than what you’ll receive. Em also has swatched and reviewed these highlighters and you can find her post by clicking on ‘Beauty Escape Cosmetics’ under the ‘BRANDS WE’VE DISCUSSED’ heading at the bottom of our home page.
You can use this product in a number of ways but I have two preferred methods. The first is mixing a few drops with my moisturizer for a subtle all over glow. The second is to dab a tiny bit directly on the high points of my face and then blending it with either a sponge or one of my ARTIS brushes. Nothing innovative here, sorry. For these swatches I did about 3 layers to get that level of color saturation.

 THRONE OF GOLD is the warmest out of the bunch. It’s sheer enough to flatter most skin tones but you can build up the intensity if that’s what you’re going for.


BLISS is a beigey nude shade with pink undertones and silvery shimmer, also suitable for most skin tones. 

METALLION is an intense pure platinum that would work best on lighter skin tones.

 SERAPH is a sheer opalescent pink. It’s basically the liquid version of the pink duochrome highlighter that’s so popular now.

 CELESTIAL MOONLIGHT is the darkest out of the bunch. It’s a pinky bronze with mauve undertones and a bit of a silver shift. It’s intended for medium to deep skin tones.

I want to use them a little longer before I do my full review but my initial favorites are SERAPH and BLISS. I love that the formula is sheer but buildable so that you can easily vary your look from natural to dramatic. I also like the color selection and the hydrating formula. My constructive criticism is that they’re a little temperamental. Because the pigment is heavier than the oils and other ingredients, it sinks to the bottom causing separation. You have to give the jars a good shake before using them. Also the pigment occasion clogs the dropper. You’ll want to make sure that it’s empty of product before sealing the jar so that it doesn’t harden in the dropper. If you forget, no biggie, just rinse it out with warm water. These definitely aren’t deal breakers, it’s just something you’ll want to be aware of so that you’re able to get the maximum performance from the product. 

In the next few weeks, I’ll review each shade individually and include some blended out swatches so that you can get a better sense of each color.

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