I’m a huge fan of ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS and I’ll pretty much buy anything that she makes so I knew I’d be getting this palette back when they first showed the black and white photos. ABH was one of the first brands to do a collab with a social media influencer when she came out with the AMREZY PALETTE about 2 years ago. She’s also done collabs with MAYA MIA and TAMANA and now her newest effort, THE MASTER PALETTE BY MARIO. Recently we’ve seen tons of flops when it comes to these collaborations but ABH always does it right!  @makeupbymario is a celebrity MUA who’s most well known clients are the Kardashian’s. 

The palette is $45 and available at SEPHORA and ULTA. It is limited edition so don’t sleep on this one! The palette has 12 eyeshadows that are .02oz each and includes a double sided brush. When I actually saw what this palette looked like, I thought it was pretty but not very exciting. I also wasn’t thrilled to hear that it only included 3 mattes. Well boy was I wrong! This palette is outstanding. I absolutely love everything about it. The colors, the formula, the pigmentation… all around perfection!

The top row has mostly satin finish shadows. So while they aren’t matte, for the most part they aren’t  shimmery either. SO HOLLYWOOD is a soft yellow gold. NYC is dark plummy bronze.  KIM was inspired by his client with the same name. It’s a muted coppery bronze.  MUSE is a soft reddish copper. MARINA is a perfect champagne shade. It has more shimmer than the rest of the colors in the top row.  CLAUDIA is a slate gray. 

The bottom row has 3 mattes and 3 more shimmery shades. LULA is a medium taupe. ISABEL is described as a burnt orange but it pulls pretty red on me. VIOLETA is warm dark brown. 5TH AVE is a peachy gold metallic.  BRONX is a satiny olive green. PARIS is a medium antique gold. 

For the most part these are colors that we’ve seen before but what sets them apart is the formula. These eyeshadows are an absolute joy to work with. They glide on the skin like silk. They’re just perfect. I don’t know what else to say! They are a little messy. You’re going to have some kick up but it’s a small price to pay. I love the choice of matte colors that they included. The three perfect browns, IMO. And since most of the others are satin, you can definitely use them on the outer corner of your eye and maybe in the crease for some people. They have a subtle sheen but not shimmer. And even though it is a very neutral palette, they did include some subtle color with the olive green, smoky blue and reddish copper. Out of all new palettes I’ve tried recently  (MEGA PRO 3, HUDA, METALMATTE, EYESCREAM, POWER OF MAKEUP etc) this is my favorite, hands down. So if you only get one palette this season, I say go with THE MASTER PALETTE BY MARIO, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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