Love Luxe Beauty Dark Magic Set swatches and thoughts  

LOVELUXEBEAUTY launched a pigment set called DARK MAGIC SET. It retails for $22 and contains 3 pigments, a GLitter and a pigment/Glitter adhesive. 

WICKED is a purple gold duochrome, it was very smooth to apply with a wet brush and the gold is very noticeable. 

FREAK is a white iridescent green, I couldn’t capture it on this picture as well as on video so I added a video below.

BITTEN is el BOMB. It’s a rusty metallic red and it was smooth as my hubs when he wants to get his way into buying man toys (get to head out of the gutter. I’m talking about things with wheels and motors, things that shoot, things that blow up and other mancave things) 

KITTYCAT was the only one I wasn’t too enthused. I can’t wear glitters on my eyes cause I use contacts, have a child that likes to poke my face, rub my lids.. it was a little hard to apply evenly with the adhesive BUT if you apply this with a dark liner/shadow under it will def look even and it is festive. 

THE ADHESIVE the set comes with is really nice, it delivered even application and it rendered the pigments hard to rub off (it came off with my trusty makeup remover)

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