KAT VON D’S limited edition METALMATTE palette is available at Sephora for $60. It has 22 shadows, 9 metallic and 13 matte so there was no even way to divide them for swatches. Which drives me a little crazy but I won’t hold it against the palette. So as you probably know by now, the palette is ginormous. Both in size and in the amount of product. All 22 shadows are .06oz making the total weight 1.32oz. That’s A LOT of product! So the palette is definitely a great value. 

The color selection reminds me of her holiday palette last year. It’s got most of the basic neutrals covered… black, white, taupe, dark brown etc. In addition to the neutrals there’s a bunch of colorful shades ranging from pastel to smoky, as opposed to the bright colors of the MI VIDA LOCA PALETTE. The color scheme is leaning more towards cool except for the middle row. I would’ve liked to see a warm brown in there instead of a white AND cream. Just a personal preference.

I’m pretty happy with the formula of the mattes. I don’t find them to be quite as good as the SHADE AND LIGHT PALETTE but I think they’re much better than most of the shadows in the SERPENTINA PALETTE. A few of the shades swatched slightly patchy but that’s kinda par for the course when dealing with dark colorful mattes. You could definitely create a ton of looks with this palette and there’s some unique matte shades in there. 

These metallic shadows are her highly regarded METAL CRUSH formula. The METAL CRUSH line is known for being extremely pigmented and long wearing. I like them because they look like ‘foiled’ eyeshadows but they apply easily with a brush and they’re easy to blend. In the past I’ve had problems with these shadows breaking in the mail so I was happy to see that my palette arrived in tact. Maybe they’ve improved on the formula since they were first released.


The formula of these 9 is consistent with the exception of TINSEL which has a larger pigment particles and an overall more glittery appearance. SYNERGY is a pre-existing METAL CRUSH shadow and the other 8 colors are new. Looking at these swatches, I’m reminded of the shimmery shades from the TOO FACED NIKKIE TUTORIALS PALETTE except these perform much much better! As with the mattes, the color scheme is more cool toned, which tends to be a rarity these days. Personally I prefer warmer colors but I’ve got a million of them so this palette is adding some variety to my collection. 

I love the metallic formula in this palette and I like the mattes so overall this palette gets a thumbs up from me. So do you need it? If you’re wanting to do more colorful looks then I say go for it! But if you’re the type of person that doesn’t stray far from neutrals then you probably won’t use it. But the packaging is beautiful, KVD always goes the extra mile in that department and the amount of product that you’re getting for the price is phenomenal.

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