Last week HUDA BEAUTY released their much anticipated, first eyeshadow palette on their website. The palettes shipped from Dubai, which is where the company is based but in the coming weeks it will be available at sephora in the US. The release was a bit of disaster. All the usual stuff that happens when a company doesn’t fully prepare for a hyped up new release. The website was running extremely slowly and crashed a few times and tons of people, myself included spent hours trying to order.. you get the gist. I think the palette was released last Wednesday and Em and I were finally able to place our order on Thursday. Since we ordered together and spent over $75, we were able to get free shipping otherwise it would’ve been an additional $20. I must say that I’m impressed with how quickly it arrived. It was delivered yesterday (Tuesday), only a few days after we had ordered it. The palette is currently sold out on but even if they restock, I’d recommend waiting for it to come to sephora if you live in the US.

The palette retails for $65 and contains 18 eyeshadows that are .035oz each for a total weight of .63oz. For comparison the LORAC MEGA PRO 3 is $59 and has .45oz of product. The MODERN RENAISSANCE palette is $42 and has .28oz product. So if we’re just looking at a product amount to price ratio, I don’t think HUDA is unreasonably priced. However I don’t find the packaging to be in keeping with what I’d expect from a $65 palette. 

It’s a cardboard palette which I don’t usually mind but it feels very flimsy. There’s no mirror and the lid is just a piece of thin clear plastic. If you look closely at the above photo, you might be able to see what I mean. 

In case you’re keeping score here… so far I’m not impressed with the website or the packaging but I thought that the shipping was really fast and I’m satisfied with the amount of product that’s included. Oh and I’m glad that they offered free international shipping on orders of $75 or more. That’s hard to come by. 
Okay let’s get into this bitch! The palette has 10 mattes, 2 pearls and 6 ‘3-D metal’ shades.

As you can see here the metallic shades are really gorgeous but as you’ve probably heard, some of them are rather difficult to work with. 

DUBAI is a dark bronze with olive undertones. I had no trouble applying it with a stiff synthetic brush.

FLING is a vibrant ruby red which I also applied with a brush. 

24K is a glittery true gold. I was able to pick it up with a brush but the application was thick and uneven so I ended up smoothing it out with my finger.

ROSE GOLD is glittery pinky copper. I found it impossible to apply with a brush so I used my finger.

TRUST FUND is orangey copper with the same thick formula as ROSE GOLD. They’re basically cream shadows with tons chunky glitter.

ANGELIC is one of the two pearl shadows. It’s a pale pink with gold reflects.

#BLESSED is a light golden bronze that applied evenly using a brush. 

MOON DUST is the second pearl finish shadow. It’s a pale, shimmery, peachy gold with nice color pay off.

In my opinion, there’s some variation as far as performance when it comes to these metal shades. None of them have a powder formula or an especially smooth finish but ROSE GOLD, TRUST FUND and to a lesser degree 24K have a very chunky cream texture.

If you look at these photos that I took after swatching, you might be able to see what I mean. Can you see how the textures of ROSE GOLD, TRUST FUND and 24K are different than the other metal shades? They’re pliable and the texture is almost flaky. They really need the warmth of the skin to apply smoothly. I know that the formula reminded me of something that I’ve used before and it suddenly just came to me. They remind me of the STILA MAGNIFICENT METALS. The formula is definitely not going to appeal to everyone. If you tried really hard, maybe you could get a brush to work but using a finger is much more expedient. I don’t mind using my hands to apply makeup but I know a lot of people hate it. If you’re one of them then I wouldn’t recommend this palette for you. 

And the mattes!

BOSSY is brownish maroon.

FLAMINGO is bright pink.

SHY is light to medium dusty rose.

BAE is a pale yellow 

BLACK TRUFFLE is a matte black. 

SUEDE is a medium dark gray.

COCO is dark cool toned brown.

MANEATER is medium cherry that’s not muted but not exactly bright either. 

HENNA is a warm reddish brown.

SANDALWOOD is a warm medium brown with yellow undertones.

I like the formula of the matte shadows. They blended easily and evenly for me and I was happy with the color pay off. But I’ve got to say, there’s nothing ground breaking as far the color selection. The only one I’m not sure that I have a dupe for is SHY. I think that MAKEUP GEEK CUPCAKE might be similar but not quite as pink. There’s a lot of similar mattes in the ABH MODERN RENAISSANCE palette (ex COCO=CYPRESS UMBER, MANEATER= LOVE, HENNA= RED OCHRE etc) and in my opinion ABH has the better formula. But to be fair the MR palette has some of my all time favorite matte eyeshadows. The ABH shadow BUTTERY is similar to BAE. FLAMINGO isn’t as bright as say, SUGARPILL DOLLIPOP but it’s still pretty vibrant. I think that MAKEUP GEEK SIMPLY MARLENA is pretty close.

As far as metallic shades I think that you could get a similar look from a number of different foiled eyeshadows or loose pigments… or COLOURPOP shadows… or even the LIME CRIME SUPERFOILS. I haven’t started looking for dupes but I’m sure I could find a dupe or a near dupe for most or all of the colors. 

That being said… I still like this palette. I love every single color and I enjoy the formula of the majority of the shadows but I can see how it wouldn’t appeal to everyone. It’s a palette that I know that I’ll use all of the time.  I’m glad that I bought it and for me personally, it was worth the price tag. Since I just got this palette I haven’t used every color on my face yet but I’m satisfied with the application and appearance of the ones that I used so far. Also worth noting, I have dry skin and never have an issue with eyeshadows creasing or fading so I can’t provide any insight in that department either. 

Should you get it??? If I were you, I’d wait for it to come to sephora so that you can swatch it yourself. Or at least easily return it, if you order online and hate it. I’d say that if you have the MODERN RENAISSANCE palette and either the DOSE OF COLORS HIDDEN TREASURE palette or a bunch of MUG FOILED SHADOWS then you could probably pass knowing that you could create similar looks with products that you already own. But if you’re like me and you love these colors and you don’t mind using your fingers then I’d say go for it! But wait for Sephora so you don’t have to pay $20 for shipping. 

Em and I are working on dupes for this palette which will be posting soon!


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