ColourPop Cosmetics Fall Edit 2: TERRACOTTA lip swatches and review 

CALYPSO is part of the fall edit 2: TERRA-COTTA I jut found something that this is very similar to and my abh fandom is going to be happy to know it… wait for it……. 

LOVEBUG – MATTE. Part of the #colourpopfalledit2 #terracotta – it’s a browned orange red (indeed, a terra-cotta clay color). Formula wise I found this shade to be particularly dry on my lips once it dried off it also flaked considerably onto my teeth which was not cool at all for such a desirable fall shade when my lips hybernate for the cold season and I’m left with the drier stand-in stunt double of my lips. I’m helping them survive by Living out of the pots of lip balm and scrub I got from @beautyescapecosmetics so maybe this season it’ll be different? Either way, this shade is gorg but please bring this on a satin formula so my life can be together again.

Mama – matte. This shade is a mid tone red that kinda resembles when one used to eat the strawberry koolaid (how your tongue ended up) its transfer proof but it’s comfy on the lips and not as drying as ultra matte lipsticks sometimes can be. The formula didn’t flake but I didn’t wear it for more than an hour anyway (as I’m swatching here other stuffs) 

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