A few times a year POPSUGAR comes out with a limited edition $100 box. They usually do a RESORT, SUMMER, FALL and HOLIDAY edition. And probably a few others that I’m forgetting. These boxes are always awesome and they sell out quickly. This one is already gone but I’m sharing it anyway so that you guys can decide if you might want to get the next one which I believe is the HOLIDAY box. POPSUGAR also has a regular monthly box that I review every month. That one is $39 a month but you can save $5 off of your first box with the code MUSYHAVE5.

Okay so onto the box! 

Caeden ceramic and rose gold headphones  ($150)– this was the teaser item for this box and it was all that I needed to see to be sold.

They’re the most beautiful headphones that I’ve ever seen!

Would I pay $150 for them? Of course not! But for $100 plus knowing that I’d be getting a bunch of other goodies? I was all over it!

Thrive causemetics triple threat color stick in joy ($36)– this is a cream highlighter stick with a buffer brush on the other end. 

The only thing that I knew about THRIVE COSMETICS prior to getting this box is that my girl, @makeupby_alo on IG swears by their lash glue. But I’ve been enjoying cream highlighters and blushes since getting my ARTIS BRUSHES and I like this one too! I’m sure I’ll use this a lot during the dry winter months.

Lancer Dani glowing skin perfector  ($95)– this is a subtle liquid highlighter that’s supposed to boost firmness, blur pores and enhance the skin’s radiance. 

I mean it’s LANCER so of course I was excited. The packaging is stunning and the product is nice. I’ve been mixing a pump with my moisturizer for just a hint of sheen. But the shimmer is very subtle so while I’m enjoying it, I wouldn’t repurchase it for almost $100

Jack & Lucy faux fur pom keychain  ($41)– Sigh. It wouldn’t be a subscription box without at least one dud. Seriously a gigantic furry keychain ball?? I would adopt a boa constrictor with a cocaine problem before I’d spend $40 on this keychain. I have no idea what to do with the damn thing. A small part of me wants to put it on my keyring to annoy my husband when he drives my car but that doesn’t happen often and I’d have to deal with a huge fuzzy ball hanging from my keys on a daily basis. So to the reject box it goes!

Sloane stationary Great Thoughts notepad ($52)– this is another kinda eh item. It’s a high quality, well made note pad but… it’s a note pad… I’ll definitely use it but it’s not something I’d spend $50 on.

The inside has paper that’s lined on both sides.

Buji Baja lavender rib scarf ($70)– this scarf is incredible!

It’s so gigantic and soft and I just want to snuggle with it all day and night. So far I’ve only used it to take cute product pics for IG but once the weather changes, I’ll be rocking it non-stop 

Here’s a close up of the knit

This box was $100 and the retail value was $445! I love the headphones and scarf and I’m enjoying the highlight stick and Lancer. And I’ll use the notebook. The only dud for me was the stupid ball thingy. Now I probably wouldn’t buy any of these things for myself (because I’m cheap) but that’s they joy of these special edition boxes for me! Will you consider getting the next SE POPSUGAR BOX??

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