Did you guys know that our little girl @devinahcosmetics is about to have her 1st birthday?! In order to celebrate she’s releasing a ton of new products on October 1. And she was sweet enough to send me everything early so that I can give you guys the scoop! 

If you’re not familiar with DEVINAH then you should check out her website or IG. The amount of products that she has is staggering. Almost 200 different eyeshadows and highlighters and she recently expanded her line to include lippies as well. Another unique thing that she does, is offering her products in 4 different pan sizes (26mm, 36mm, 44mm, 57mm; priced accordingly). So when you discover your dream eyeshadow or highlighter, you can order a huge pan that will last forever.
Also her products are great multitaskers as all of the highlighters are eye safe. Since everything is being released October 1, she wanted to do some non-traditional highlighters that are Halloween appropriate and can be used on the eyes the rest of the year.

Okay so the colors… PHANTASM is a bright pink highlighter with gold duochrome. It’s too dark for me to highlight with but I used it as a blush today.

 LUCIDA is plummy brown with gold shimmer (LOVE!).

 GRIM is a bright metallic magenta pink. Clearly it’s freaking amazeballs.

 KITH is a shimmery bronzey gold. 

And finally… the pièce de résistance (you know it’s good when I start swearing or pretending that I’m French)… PHALANX!! It has a silver base with TONS of gold and copper and a hint of green shimmer. It’s an eyeshadow but I have it on my cheekbones right now and I can’t stop looking for shiny surfaces so that I can gaze at my reflection. Holy shit! It’s intense! If you only get one thing, may I suggest PHALANX. 

 DEVINAH makes all of her shadows (except the mattes) and highlighters in a variety of different sizes and prices them accordingly. All of her formulas are good but the metallics in particular (like these pictured) are fire!

OPACUS is one of her more subtle highlighters, which I can REALLY appreciate! Don’t get me wrong I love the crazy duochrome blues and greens too but for my regular day to day life, I’m going to be more likely to reach for something like this. It’s a vanilla shade with silvery shimmer and on my skin it just looks glowy.  I grouped these four shadows together because they all felt really holiday appropriate to me. They’re also all metallic finish, very shiny but not glittery. 

ILLUSION is a perfect cranberry red. It’s not muted but it’s also not so bold that it’s unwearable. 

SPIN DRIFT is an azure blue. It would be so pretty on the lower lash line for a pop of color. 

WHIMSY is a happy sunny yellow gold. 

SPECTRAL is a deep forest green. The formula of all four is quite similar. Soft and pigmented but not at all powdery.

Next up from the @devinahcosmetics fall collection! BLOOD ORANGE… where do I even start with this one?? This color is so complex that I still don’t entirely understand it. It may require some macros so that we can get to the bottom of it. It kinda reminds me of MUG STEAMPUNK. The color is completely different but it has the same black base with shimmer overlay. I know that some of the shimmer is orange but I can’t tell if there’s some purple or burgundy in there or if it’s the combination of the orange and black making it look purple. Very mysterious indeed. Anyway she’s marketing this as a Halloween highlighter but since I’m old and boring, I’ll be using it solely as an eyeshadow. I might do my makeup now because I’m feeling inspired to use it. 

ODIUM is a deep emerald green with a metallic finish. For reference, SPECTRAL (not pictured but also from this collection) is lighter and more yellow. 

DABSTER is a smokey blue. 

ERRATIC is another one that has me feeling some type of way. It’s an ulta metallic taupe and my new favorite highlighter. You can basically see your reflection in my cheekbones. I may have been a little heavy handed. 

CHIMERICAL is a medium bright grassy green.

This collection is heavy on the metallics and light on the glitter. 

AMBROSIA is a medium bronze metallic. 

NODUS is a vibrant rusty red.

VENIAL is an orangey copper.

UTOPIAN is a dark olive green 

And finally we have the showstopper from the collection… CORNUCOPIA! It’s a marbled highlighter with equal parts white gold, yellow gold and coppery gold. The colors are spaced out enough that you could use all three separately or swirl them all together. I swatched them separately for this photo but once I catch up on reviews (KVD, LORAC MEGA PRO 3, ABH MARIO, HUDA ROSE GOLD etc), I’m going to do an individual posts featuring just CORNUCOPIA and I’ll include blended out swatches!
And there you have it! All 20 new eyeshadows and highlighters from the DEVINAH fall collection! My initial favorites are NODUS, CORNUCOPIA, BLOOD ORANGE, ERRATIC, ILLUSION, LUCIDA, GRIM and PHALANX. This is because those particular colors most appeal to me not because the formula is superior to the others 

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