B’ellegant Cosmetics has been around for awhile now and they have a huge line lipsticks. Em has swatched many of them on here and on her instagram, @colourpopcult. I’ve said this a million times but I’ll say it again, in case you’re new here. Unfortunately I have no lips, so I don’t do lip swatches. It’s unfortunate but I’ve reached the acceptance stage. Every once and while and I’ll do arm swatches of lippies but not often because I have to use disposal applicators to keep my products sanitary for work and it’s a pain in the ass. Anyway. Em does the lippies and I focus on powder products like eyeshadows, highlighters etc. We’re a perfect team. That was my round about way of saying that these are the first B’ellegant Cosmetics products that I’ve tried!

 So there’s 5 of these eyeshadows (as of this time, I know she’s got a lot more in the works) and they’re $6 each. They’re larger than your standard eyeshadow, 29mm as opposed to 26mm. The formula is creamy and more firmly pressed than say the MUG FOILED SHADOWS. They apply nicely with flat shader brush or your fingers if that doesn’t bother you. And the colors are all pretty unique. At first glance some of them look like some other duochromes that are on the market. For example I had thought that fairy tale was going to be a dupe for MUG BLACKLIGHT or UD TONIC but I think all 5 shades are slightly different than anything else that I own.

TIDAL WAVE is a green and teal duochrome. It has less gold and more teal than MAC STEEL BLUE and most of the other colors along those lines.

FAIRY TALE is a purple, blue and green duochrome. It doesn’t have any of the pink that UD TONIC and others have.

MAJESTY is a lavender and gold duochrome. It reminds me a bit of LURID, one the new LC SUPERFOILS.

ANGELIC is a pink and gold duochrome. It’s more pink and the gold shimmer is more subtle than MUG WILDFIRE or MAC ROSE.

WINE & DINE is a more subtle duochrome. It’s a burgundy that shifts between red and purple depending on the light.
I’m in love with these eyeshadows and I can’t wait for her to make more! Once I catch up with all my swatches and reviews, I’ll do some of the comparisons that I mentioned earlier!

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