Last week LIME CRIME released four new SUPERFOIL shadow duos to join the first six that came out earlier this summer. Both Em and myself have swatches of the older shades that you can find by scrolling to the bottom of our home page and looking up ‘LIME CRIME’ under the ‘BRANDS WE’VE DISCUSSED’ heading. 

I had mixed feelings about their first set but I love the new ones! The formula is the same but these colors really speak to me.

They have a loosely pressed consistency with large pigment particles. A lot of people have asked if they’re similar to the MUG foiled shadows and in my opinion, they’re not. The MUG shadows are smoother and more finely milled. I think they’re easier to apply but the LC formula is more glittery and dramatic. The closest thing that I can think of (and I realize that this isn’t a helpful example for most people) is the glittery NATASHA DENONA eyeshadows. TRUE GOLD is the one that first comes to mind. 

You can apply these with a flat synthetic brush but I mostly just use my fingers for the sake of convenience. 

You can also use them wet or dry. My preferred method is to apply a wet layer with my finger and that pat an extra layer on top with a dry brush. 

MIAMI/GATOR- Miami is basically my all time favorite color. I’d compare it to MAC PINK BRONZE and NARS OUTER LIMITS, a hybrid of the two. It’s a pinky bronze with hints of copper and peach. 

GATOR is deep forest green with tons of gold and blue glitter.

CRYSTAL is an icy silver with gold glitter 

HALO is a light peachy gold with pink reflects

LUCID is almost equal parts lavender and gold. It reminds me of INGLOT 22 PIGMENT or maybe it’s 35? One of those two.

DREAM is a deep bronze with gold shimmer and olive undertones 

SQUAD is a bright fuchsia with blue glitter and a violet shift. 

GOALS is a gorgeous rosey taupe with pink glitter.

I’m crazy about all four of these duos. But be forewarned, these are not for the weak of heart. They’re super glittery and dramatic and a bit on the messy side. They’re perfect for the holidays or special events… or for grocery shopping on a Tuesday if you’re me…

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