I got the blues.. 

New stuff! So I went and finally ordered that @iviviivcosmetics KILLANDIA BLUE that mah girl @mimera929 told me about. Got a red RED WINE to try their shimmer pigments and they sent me a sample of MIDAS. THIS BLUE IS SPECTACULAR. Since some of you will buy and not know what to do with a matte pigment – I am warning you to use a primer like with any pigment you would do, it applies smooth and even and BRIGHT true to cobalt. Over NYX jumbo pencil it does get brighter but you have to play with it more or you’ll have unevenness and patchyness. By itself it will be a sheer wash of cobalt blue shade. Afraid of color? Do a halo eye with NEUTRAL shades and pop this baby in the center, or use a DURALINE type of product to turn this into a liner (or a wet angle brush). HAPPY BLUEING! #indiecosmetics #indiebeauty #killandiablue #colourpopcult

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