IPSY is a $10 a month beauty subscription service. There is a waiting list but you can bypass it, if you sign up here. When I saw the early reveal for the month I wasn’t very excited but upon receiving it, I’m actually pretty happy. Here’s what I got…

The bag is pretty cute. I like the gold detailing 

TOO FACED LIP INJECTION ($10)- this isn’t something that I’m going to use. I have no lips and nothing other than surgery is going to change that. And at this point I’ve reached the level of acceptance when it comes my lips or lack thereof 

SERAPHINE BOTANICALS GUAVA BUTTER LIP AND CHEEK STAIN *FULL SIZE* ($24)- I didn’t think I was going to like this but I actually do. It tastes friggin delicious and it will be nice for the dry winter months. I probably won’t use it on my cheeks but I like it as a lip balm. 

ToGoSpa GREEN TEA EYES ($12.50)- these are little undereye masks that are supposed to soothe, brighten, de-puff and moisturize. I don’t know about the first three but they are hydrating. And my eyes are always dry and itchy from allergies so I’ll put these to good use. 

EAU THERMALE AVENE SERUM ($7)- this is a brand that pops up a lot in subscription boxes. I’m in the middle of testing a bunch of skincare products so I want to keep my routine consistent because I’m going to write reviews. I’d say that I’ll use it later but I probably won’t. 

TRUST FUND BEAUTY NAIL POLISH in CHAMPAGNE SOCIALITE ($15)- another full sized item! Normally I hate getting nail polish but this rose gold color is gorgeous. I’m going to get my nails done either tonight or tomorrow and this is the color that I’ll be using!

IPSY is $10 a month and this month’s value is… $68! Definitely not a bad return. I won’t use the lip plumper or the serum but I will use the 3 full sized items that I received so I’m going to consider this one to be a winner. So if you’re keeping score here, so far this month I’ve had 2 good boxes (IPSY and SEPHORA) and 1 not so good box (POPSUGAR). I’ve got 2 left (BOXYCHARM and ALLURE) and *spoiler alert* they were both terrible. 

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