ColourPop Cosmetics FALL edit 3: DUSTY ROSE 

DUSTY ROSE – FALL EDIT 3 BY @COLOURPOPCOSMETICSthis is going to be the whole bacon and eggs. Rose gold is everywhere and this edit is all over it by creating complementary shades so your whole face is one romantic victorian era shade of rose. In my culture we call this “Rosa Vieja” (old rose.. the shade when you are given flowers and you keep them forever until they are dusty as hell and giving your entire household allergies?. well PAISLEY is a glitter sheer, meaning this shade can be used as a topper and is similar to the one in the Jaime King Collab but this has minuscule pink shimmers (they are there!) BRADY similar to BILL but pinker, less brown, MUSE is a GORG color, it is rose gold and hyper pigmented (this was one swipe) with metallic shimmers in pink rather than copper (like its siblings WEENIE, SEQUIN, LALA..). I WILL DO A LOWDOWN ON THE LIPPIES AS I LIPSWATCH: i don’t want to base my descriptions purely on shade


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