Sunday Riley – product introduction and initial thoughts 

New stuff alert! So as most you know – due to my constant complaining: I have super dry and sensitive skin to the point of burning and redness if I don’t watch what I apply to it. A few months after i had the baby – er Dragon, I had a mild case of acne on my chin, sides of my jaw and the occasional forehead culprit: stress, hormones, eating less than healthy, bacteria from touching my face and her touching my face and my dogs licking thereafter who knows? But I looked into @sundayriley for a few solutions. I’ve always been curious about stuff that this brand has: Ive gotten samples of TIDAL which is this bomb moisturizer they have that leaves your face supple and happy and not oily. So I’ve switched to a regimen of: wash my face with my trusty @maylindstrom honey mud, tone with the MARTIAN mattifying water gel (it feels nice and cool and doesn’t dry my skin or makes it burn) it actually has marshmallow root and witch hazel to calm redness and sensitivity – this toner claims to help tighten the pores and even out texture for a smooth prep to your foundation. I shall update you a month from now on usage! I follow the cleansing steps with some Luna sleeping oil ( for the night) or GOOD GENES for the day AND the new UFO ultra clarifying face oil as a spot/ area treatment on the problem areas since it has salicylic acid, tea tree and chamomile (purifies, soothes) and licorice root (for dark spots and weird discoloration). So far it’s been a week and my skin is already clearing up some of the bumps caused by product buildup/acne without drying my skin or irritating. I am liking the results on the pores of my nose and surrounding area, they look visibly cleaner, not oily. GOOD GENES is a lactic acid treatment – I’m using that during the day to help a bit with texture and because I’ve heard so many claims about this product that it needed to be on my regimen ASAP. All of these are cruelty free and you can find them at @Sephora or @dermstore. I will update you guys more on results in about a month here at the Blog, subscribe  so you don’t miss it!
Have you tried SUNDAY RILEY!?






  1. I got the Luna + Good Genes set from the Sephora Rouge sale and so far I love it! I have acne issues as well in two areas of my face, which I’m positive is hormonal, and I’m really hoping it helps. I’m wondering if I need the UFO oil too – do you wear that under makeup?? How does that work out?


  2. I absolutely love Sunday Riley! I developed cystic acne after never having problem skin. It was horrible. Good genes and Luna oil are a godsend !!! I love Martian and ufo too. Also if you mix ceramic slip with good genes it makes an amazing mask!!! Tidal is an amazing moisturizer! Love everything about what Sunday Riley has done to my face!!!


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