First subscription box review of the month! In addition to POPSUGAR, I also get ALLURE, SEPHORA and IPSY. I’ll also be doing BOXYCHARM this month for the last time. I thought that I cancelled last month but I guess I did something wrong. Sigh. POPSUGAR MUST HAVE BOX is $39 a month, you can save $5 off of your first box with the code MUSTHAVE5. In general POPSUGAR is my favorite subscription box because I enjoy the variety of products that they include but this month was a bit of a miss for me. Here’s what I got…

Jack & Lucy Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat ($58) – meh. I’m not a hat person. I’ll never wear this. It’s going in the gift pile but I don’t have a recipient in mind.

NCLA MANI-ER Tool Kit ($16)– this is going in my freelance kit. Brides and bridesmaids are always in need of little scissors or a nail file.

BRIOGEO Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask ($36)– also meh. I got a sample of this same stuff in another box (I want to say SEPHORA PLAY) and it wasn’t bad. I’m just very particular about hair care, basically nothing can compete with PUREOLOGY in my eyes. 

FLINT Lint Roller ($9.99)– this is a little roller for your purse. I like that it’s retractable so that it doesn’t get covered with all kinds purse dust. And I’ve got really hairy black and white dogs so no matter what color I’m wearing, there’s going to be dog hair all over me. But let’s be real here… it’s still a damn lint roller. How excited can get over a lint roller?

SMITH & CULT Lip Lacquer in ‘The Warning’ ($22)– I LOVE Smith & Cult. I love their colors, their packaging, everything about them but I not a big fan of lip gloss, especially not red so I’m giving it to wifey because she’ll appreciate it more. 

THE GLUTEN FREE BITES Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites  ($4.99)– I always love when they include food items especially junk food that’s slightly healthy. I’ve never heard of this brand before but now I’m interested in seeing what other flavors they have. 

POPSUGAR is $39 a month and this month’s value is around $147. Definitely a good return but since I have no idea what to do with the most expensive item, the $60 hat, the value decreases pretty significantly for me. The other items I’ll use or send to a good home. Not my favorite box ever but definitely not the worst. 

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