Lime Crime new metallic lipsticks – swatches 

Hellooo fall. And with that some copper shades and darker business. 

To the point (because it’s Saturday night and I’m t i r e d – just came from a dinner w Hubs’ work peeps and I feel I’m built for indoorsy stuff like laying in my couch rewatching AHS or something.. I’m turning into such a hermit and I love it. I think this is what adulting is all about: being able to afford being lazy at home. 

To the point. The formula on these is amazing – I feel everyone and their grandma is churning our metallic lippies and I know the fad will last a good few more months and then we’ll go Into another frenzy of whatever is up next but in this case Lime Crime is consistently good with their lipsticks formula – creamy, easy to apply, not runny, dries to a matte metallic that is neither drying nor moisturizing but very comfy on the lips. 

The swatches 



One comment

  1. Mercury is absolutely gorgeous!!! I don’t know if I should but it because of all the controversy lime crime it had in the past it kind of turned me off but this color is insane! Ugh!!!!!


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