Beauty Escape Cosmetics lip scrubs and balm 

Today featured in #INDIEBEAUTYFRIDAY! @Beautyescapecosmetics lip scrubs and balm. How do I prep the lips? As of late I actually do these steps every day. It’s been hectic and you have seen by my lack of posting, how it is to balance a baby, having insane puppies, having a very involved work from home job; In addition to blogging at (plug! 🗯🔌) and making sure your ColourPop news and needs are met (for which I gotta thank the squad for tagging me and stalking for deets!) so I miss my water intake, I eat poorly, I loose hair, and I don’t have time for in depth lip prep whenever I’m going to post, i need to be ready for an occasional long baby nap to swatch and post! So I have been using @beautyescapecosmetics lip scrub and balm on the daily, Ana sent a few flavors: mango peach, blue raspberry, so Melony and juicy, but I have been using the MANGO PEACH (yellow) most because for some odd reason I’m attracted to all things yellow and bright. I was a bee in my former life, or maybe it has to do with my Orishas? I’m not even kidding. I will always go with the bright stuff. Even food wise – my food has to be a carnival of perky colors. Anyways: The scrubs are tasty, not heavy and do the job, and the packaging is practical enough to ease you into applying directly rather than having to use scoops/your fingers/ whatever else you would use to get these out) the flavor and scent is not overpowering and are gritty enough to make those pesky lip flakes fall while the sugars melt and yes: you end up eating the whole thing. Gross right? When I put it that way you realize you’ve been doing this since the beginning of lip scrub time and I just made the faux pas of pointing it out. The balm is also a nice find – it contains Palm oil, Lanolin Oil, Shea Butter, and apricot oil and it feels like it melts into your lips. The scent is a little soapy but not off putting and there is enough product on the jar that since you don’t need much- this can last you through the winter, and well off into the next. The set retails for $12 but Use CODE CULT15 for 15% off (non affil!). Do yourself a favor and take care of that pout!?



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