Ofra Cosmetics duochrome lipsticks – part 1

These are the first part of my @ofracosmetics haul. I still got those super multi chrome whatnots to swatch but I had to show you these since we share what we buy around here. The formula on these is weightless, it almost feels like it’s going as a gloss and won’t dry but dries off to a dry metallic matte with minimal transfer. They. Are. Bright. I liked wonderland the best, but i think it’s more wearable as a topper or sheered out with one layer. UTOPIA is a straight up 80’s bridesmaid – madonna singing – satin dress with ruffles wearing Barbie pink. And this might be your thing tho – but I’m going to prob save it for dragonia to play with.. ATLANTIS i already swatched before and it’s very similar to FLITTER from #ColourPop : the peachy gold we all love and that could very much be called SUMMER 2016 because i saw this awesome shade in shadows, highliters, lipsticks- and I loved it. 

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