Part two of my review of Makeup Geek’s reformulated blushes! You can buy just the pan for $10 or pay $15 for the mirrored compact. They also offer a bundle, all 20 pans for $120. The formula of these blushes is soft but not dusty and extremely long wearing. The color pay is perfect for blushes. With a fluffy brush and a light hand you can achieve a sheer wash of color and from there you can build up to your desired level of intensity.

Secret Admirer is a light matte orchid. It’s not a color that I would normally wear as a blush but I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. On my NC35 skin tone it showed up as just a hint of lavender. The color is actually quite similar to their CARNIVAL eyeshadow, which I love. I’ve been using this as well most of the other blushes in this set on my eyes a lot more than on my face.
Soulmate is a medium dark rosey mauve with a matte finish. 
Love Letter is a matte dusty plum. I’ve been using this in combination with the previous two on my eyes almost every day. It looks like a cross between their UNEXPECTED and VINTAGE eyeshadows 
Heart Throb is a deep apricot with a satiny finish. It’s one of my favorites out of the whole line. It has just a hint of a sheen and give your face a natural hint of color 
Promise Ring is a light pinky mauve. It’s a bit too light for me but would be really pretty on fair skin. But again I’ve been getting a lot of use out of it as an eyeshadow 

I highly recommend these blushes. I really enjoy both the color selection and the formula 

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