Earlier this summer, Makeup Geek released 20 blushes, some brand new colors and others reformulated versions of old shades. They’re available in pan form for $10 or in a mirrored compact for $15. The blushes are.15oz and talc and paraben free. I’ll be reviewing 11 of the 20 new shades. But I don’t have any of their old blushes so I can’t tell you how the new formula differs from the old.

I’m a huge fan of Makeup Geek and I love most of their products and these blushes are no exception. I find the formula to be very long wearing and soft without being powdery. The pigmentation is perfect. They aren’t so pigmented that you’ll end up looking like a clown but you can easily build the product to the intensity that you desire.

SPELL BOUND is a medium salmon pink. 

MAIN SQUEEZE is a peachy pink

BLISS is a slightly orangey peach

ROMANCE is the only shimmer (at least out the 11 that I have). It’s a peachy pink with gold shimmer. This could be a really pretty highlighter on tan skin or a blush topper for medium skin.

BLIND DATE is a cantaloupe pink with a matte finish.

CHERISH is a peachy tan with rosey undertones. The formula on this one was slightly dryer than the rest. It can get a little patchy if your skin is dry. 

BLIND DATE, SPELL BOUND and MAIN SQUEEZE are pretty similar. SPELL BOUND is the most pink and also slightly darker than the other two. MAIN SQUEEZE is a bit more orange and blind date is a little brighter. But they’re close enough that I personally wouldn’t buy all of them. I think my favorite of the three is probably BLIND DATE. I also really like BLISS and ROMANCE. I like CHERISH too but the formula is a bit more dry than the others. 

I’m very impressed with these blushes especially for the price. They also offer a bundle all 20 pans for $120, which is an  $80 savings. I plan on posting the remaining five shades in the next day or two!

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  1. Nice swatches. I have Secret admirer, Love letter and XOXO from the new formula, and Spellbound from the old formula, and I love them all!


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