Ofra Cosmetics “Atlantis” 

So I purchased the @ofracosmetics metallic DUOCHROME Lippies a bit ago when they came out to compare to a few of the ColourPop Metallics – I’m getting flitter vibes with this one!… If you’re interested on these through @ofracosmetics you can get 30% w “BEAUTYCULT” and yup it’s an affil so you can use it or nah. I got the first set and then i ordered the other Duochromes separately but that won’t be here for a few days still… #Colourpopcult #ofracosmetics #ofraatlantis 

I won’t review them fully until I tried all of them but so far I do like they dry very weightless and non sticky, the shine is high beam in YO face bright dupchrome metallic so I certainly won’t wear it by itself – I think a shade like these would go gorg as a topper over a nice pink or coral, whereas by itself I might end up feeling subconscious as if I just ate KFC or something…. The Shiny greasy lips craze is not my thing so these I’m going to pair with other lippies even as to wear them on my Cupid’s bow as a highliter sounds like a better idea… 
Are you into the Metallic lips!? Or is it too much!? Are you secretly NOT into them but fell into the hype and now have a stash of melted gold shades on your stash? Comment below!


  1. I love them! They’re so pretty, if not very wearable. I like them as lip toppers or mixed with other lip products to tame the shiny-ness. I’m glad I only have three though. I have a feeling it’s just a passing trend and I’m glad I refrained from spending too much money on them.


  2. I Am such a metallics girl. Before the craze I was looking for them and they were so difficult to find!!! This color on my would not look good. It’s a beautiful color and does remind me of flitter and papaye from Jouer but those I feel are slightly darker. Using it as a topper is a good idea!!!


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