STROBE COSMETICS has 6 different glitters that are $10 each. They come in 10g jars with shifters that contain 4.5g of product each. All the glitters are vegan. Strobe does mention on their website that the FDA has not approved the use of glitters in the immediate eye area. 

CHIMERA is a very fine pinky copper glitter with holographic reflects 

UTOPIA also has a very fine texture and holographic reflects but the base color is silver

KITTY KISSES  (and the last three glitters) has a fine texture but it’s a larger size than the first two. It’s a metallic amethyst with rainbow reflects

FROZEN THRONE is a metallic aqua blue

EARTH MOTHER is a metallic emerald green 

RAPTURE is a pure red with a metallic finish.

The top three have a duochrome appreance when applied and the bottom three have a shiny, highly reflective finish. 

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