Hellllllooooo everyone! My hell weekend is finally over and I’m still breathing! I apologize if I haven’t responded to questions or concerns but I honestly didn’t have time. So! THE NUBIAN was @juviasplace’s first palette but lately it’s been getting tons of attention because all kinds of huge names in the beauty community have been raving about it lately. I swatched and reviewed this palette back in April when I first got it but I wanted to do updated swatches with my new camera.
This palette has a lot of similar colors to the 35O palette but also a lot of MAC, MUG and ABH dupes too.

TOP ROW: the first color is a pale metallic yellow with a strong pink duochrome. It’s a great dupe for MAC MOTIF. The middle two colors are matte. The orange is similar to MAC RULE and the brown is like MAC SOFT BROWN. The last color is an almost exact dupe for MUG IN THE SPOTLIGHT.

MIDDLE ROW: This row is all metallic. The 1st is pink with a gold duochrome that gives it orangey appearance. It’s a dupe for ABH CHINA ROSE and MUG COSMOPOLITAN. The gold is similar to MAC AMBER LIGHTS. The red copper reminds me of MAC COPPERING. And the last copper is a dupe for MUG FLAMETHROWER.

BOTTOM ROW: This row has 2 mattes and 2 satins. The first is reddish bronze that reminds me of ABH COMFORT or MAC ANTIQUED. The second is a rich red brown along the lines of ABH RED EARTH. The 3rd color is a blackened bronze with a satiny finish. It reminds me a lot of a color in the SWEET PEACH PALETTE who’s name I can’t remember. And the last color is a very dark brown matte similar to MAC BRUN or MYSTERY.

I’m not sure whether this palette is in stock after this crazy weekend but they do a great job of replenishing their inventory. And now that labor day is over, it’s officially fall (to me that is) and time to wear all these colors! I’m so ready for smudgey copper eye makeup and sweaters and boots and pumpkins and all things fall related!

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