Touch Of Glam Beauty eyeshadows and rainbow highlighters: review and swatches

Here’s a first look at the eyeshadows I received from @touchofglambeauty! I’m going to do individual posts for some of the duochromes so that you can get a better sense of their shift. But first some deets! Right now the shadows are only being sold in 15 pan palettes. There’s 3 different options: 1 duochrome palette ($40) and 2 foiled palettes (pastel and warm neutral, $35 each). I also have a discount code that will save you an additional 12%- TANNER12. In the near future the shadows will be sold separately. But honestly, I’d go for the palettes. 15 eyeshadows and a palette for $35- $40, plus an extra 12% off?! That’s bananas!

Now let’s talk about the product! The top row are foiled finish. They’re ulta metallic with a creamy texture that adheres well to the skin. The bottom 2 rows are duochrome. And hot damn! These are some sparkly duochromes! The finish is really interesting. They’re duochrome and glittery but they also have a very reflective almost metallic appearance. I would recommend either doing your eyes first or using a sticky base with these shadows. The pigment particles are a bit larger than with the foiled shadows so if you aren’t careful, you might have some fallout. Not a big deal at all, just thought I’d mention it. All and all I’m super impressed with these products. These are colors that I haven’t seen a million times before and the microglitter gives them extra pizazz.

Here are 6 duochromes finger swatched on bare skin

And here they are swatched with a brush and fix plus. Dry they’re very glittery and wet they’re highly reflective.

And some macro finger swatches…

DANDELION is one of my favs. It’s a light peachy gold with a pink shift. 

LEPRECHAUN is another favorite. At its base, I’d say that it’s a seafoam green. It reflects a deeper emerald green and has a gold iridescence. 

FANTASY rocks my world. Okay- I love all of them. But I especially like the top row. Anyway FANTASY is a pale lilac with strong silvery reflects but it also has a bit of a green shift too. It reminds me of LOTUS from @beautyescapecosmetics

. DIVA is true gold. It has pink glitter and an ‘antiquey’ type shift.

 TEMPTRESS is a cool toned pink with blue glitter and a lavender shift. 

ENCHANTRESS is very sparkly royal blue with green glitter and a silvery shift.

And here we have two different rainbow highlights from @touchofglambeauty! I believe that she has a third as well but I’ll be reviewing these two today. First let’s talk options! These come in 3 sizes and you can also choose whether you’d like a compact or just the pan. Prices range from $16- $20.

These are the only rainbow highlighters that I’ve been sent so far so I’m unable to compare them to any of the other versions that are available. 

RAINBOWS & UNICORNS has a more traditional ‘rainbow’ color palette. I always do heavy swatches so that you can clearly see the colors but if you used a lighter hand, it wouldn’t be this bold. I also think that this one would work nicely as an eyeshadow. If you were to use a pencil brush, you could pick up each of the 6 colors (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red) individually.

MERMAID FANTASIES has a pastel color scheme. I find this one to be better suited as a highlighter than RAINBOWS & UNICORNS. This one has the same six colors but their lighter and more iridescent. And again the stripes are wide enough that you could apply them individually with a small brush. I think if you applied this one using a light touch and blended it out, it could be wearable.

To swatch these I used contour brushes from @makeupgeekcosmetics and @superbia7

What do you guys think of the rainbow highlighter trend?? Are you on board? I think it’s safe to say that my clubbing today are behind me but next time I go to pride or a drag show… it’s on!!! 


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