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Last set of STROBE shadows!!! All that’s left after this is their glitters. Which I’m really not excited about swatching. Every time I attempt to do glitter swatches something tragic and messy happens. Last time it involved my crazy dog’s tail. It wasn’t pretty. But  we’ll worry about that when the time comes.

I started this series with a group of fall appropriate neutrals so I thought I’d end with some too. 

FIT FOR A QUEEN is a metallic antique gold. It reminds me a lot of CP TELEPATHY.

GLEN COCOA is a deep shimmery brown. It’s similar to BEARDED LADY but lighter and has more of a gold undertone, where BEARDED LADY leans more towards plum.

CHECKING IN? is a metallic olive green. Ugh! It’s so damn pretty. STROBE does greens really well. It’s not usually a color that I’m in to but this one and ALCHEMY have me questioning everything that I once thought. 

ROYALE. Oh ROYALE. You know that speech Tom Cruise gives in the movie jerry maguire? You complete me, you had me at hello etc. ROYALE and I reenacted that scene. It’s a metallic rose gold that’s more rose than gold and it’s fucking perfect. But back off because she’s mine and I’m mad jealous.

FORTUNE COOKIE is a happy sunny gold with a metallic finish.

RHAPSODY is a deep burgundy. ADDICTION DEMON is similar but more rusty.

And there you have it! All 36 of STROBE’S eyeshadows! My only constructive criticism (because there’s always room for improvement) is that there’s not a ton of variety as far as finishes. Well that’s not true. They have metallics, satins, shimmers and duochromes but as of right now no mattes. But I know that they’re working on that. So hopefully sometime soon, I’ll be reviewing their matte line for you guys!

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